The Man Decree Chapter 3895

The Man's Decree

The Man Decree Chapter 3895-A Man Like None Other Chapter 3895-Do Not Talk Nonsense “Friends?” Nieva was taken aback.

All the disciples in Lunarius Palace, too, looked on in disbelief.

In this world, everyone was out for themselves, prioritizing their own benefits above all else. Genuine friendships were rare, and everything was a matter of trading favors.

As such, everyone was left astounded when Jared suddenly called in so many friends.

“H-How do you have so many friends, Mr. Chance?” Bianca asked, feeling puzzled.

“These are just my friends from the southern region. If you include those from other regions, my circle of friends is even larger,” Jared said with a hint of pride.

It was indeed true that Jared could connect with many more individuals, such as Yuven, Emerald Cauldron Sect, and the Seizon family.

Those people would have risked their lives without hesitation for Jared upon his request.

Realizing that she was growing increasingly fond of him, Nieva gazed at Jared with a lovestruck expression.

If it weren’t for the constraints of the rules of Lunarius Palace, she would have given herself to Jared right then and there.

Such a man was truly worth every woman’s dedication.

Before long, Igor and the others had also arrived at the front of Lunarius Palace.

Jared was busily introducing these individuals to Nieva, one by one.

“This is Mr. Lothian, the leader of Blood Spirit Valley. This is Mr. Soulton of Soulless Hall. These are the leaders of the Five Great Sects, Mr. Delacroix and Mr. Cervantes. This is Mr. Summers, the head of the Summers family. This is Serena and Faiyar of Soul Demon Sect. Among the three kings and four archons, there are Lion Archon, Monkey Archon, Leopard King, and ThousandFaced Demon Archon. This one here is Fox Queen.” After Jared had finished speaking, Catina stepped forward, addressing Nieva, “Welcome to the ranks of Jared’s women!” Nieva was taken aback, and then her face turned red.

Jared, on the other hand, coughed awkwardly.

He then shot Catina a glare and warned her, “Watch your words, Catina. Ms.

Nieva holds a prestigious position. You can’t just spout nonsense about her. She has her own set of principles.” Feenix chuckled from the side. “Stop beating around the bush, Master. There’s definitely something going on between the two of you! It’s clear as day in your eyes. You should trust a woman’s intuition.” “Exactly, you’ve been acting all elusive. If you did it, then so be it. And the young lady of the Summers family has been giving you longing looks all the way. Even though you two didn’t exchange a word, it’s obvious something happened between you two!” Catina then turned toward Jennifer and asked, “Am I right, Ms. Summers?” Jennifer’s face turned red, she quickly lowered her head, feeling quite embarrassed.

“There’s no need to feel shy. To be chosen as Master’s woman is a huge blessing! Master has many women, not just us few,” Feenix said.

Jared quickly interrupted Feenix by suggesting, “Ahem! Let’s go inside and talk.

We can discuss our strategy for dealing with our enemies.” He then ushered everyone into Lunarius Palace.

Jared was a hero, so it was only natural for him to be surrounded by beautiful women.

As everyone entered Lunarius Palace, Nieva immediately ordered the doors to be shut while Jared begun to delegate tasks.

Jared instructed Tyler to have the Summers family members prepare a multitude of charms Meanwhile, he himselfiwas stationed at the entrance of Lunarius Palace, setting up an extensive array of defensive and offensive arcane arrays.

Even though the Mueller family hadn’t attacked Lunarius Palace just yet, no one knew when they might return. Therefore, it was crucial to prepare in advance.

If they had kept on talking, he couldn’t tell what those two women would have said. Every ohe watched as Jared found himself in an awkward situation, and they all burst into hearty laughter.

Nieva had brought out all the resources of the palace. After all, since those people had come to help, Lunarius Palace couldn’t afford to be stingy.

While Jared was leading everyone in constructing extensive defenses at Lunarius Palace the members of the Mueller family were all quietly anticipating Nolan’s return.

“Terrence, why wasn’t I informed about such a major issue?” At that moment, a voice of reprimand echoed through the air.

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