The Man Decree Chapter 3879

The Man's Decree

The Man Decree Chapter 3879-Beyond Understanding “So, what’s it going to be? Are you going to reveal Jared’s whereabouts, or choose death?” Alphonse cast a sweeping glance over the members of Soul Demon Sect.

Every disciple of Soul Demon Sect gritted their teeth, not uttering a single word.

Serena’s eyes were also filled with fury.

“Hmph! You demon scum. Mr. Chance has done favors for Soul Demon Sect.

We won’t be the ones to spill the beans. If you have the guts, go ahead and kill us.” Serena scoffed.

The smirk on Alphonse grew when he saw Serena’s stubborn resolve. “Killing you all would be a piece of cake. However, the men I’ve brought with me haven’t been with a woman for quite some time. It’s about time they had some fun!” After Alphonse finished speaking, the lecherous expressions of the few who followed him were immediately apparent.

They were rubbing their hands together in anticipation, practically drooling with excitement.

“Shameless! Beasts!” Serena roared.

Meanwhile, Faiyar gritted his teeth tightly, resisting the terrifying aura of Alphonse. “If you dare to lay a finger on Serena, I’ll dismember you…” he enunciated.

“Hahaha! Look at yourself! Do you really think you can dismember us? In that case, allow me to kill you first!” After he finished speaking, Alphonse flicked his sleeve, and Faiyar was instantly sent flying backward.

Subsequently, he fell heavily to the ground, remaining utterly still.

The disparity in their abilities was far too great, leaving no room whatsoever for resistance.

“Faiyar!” Upon seeing the situation, Serena immediately let out a loud yell! Alphonse once again questioned Serena, “Are you going to talk or not? If you tell me where Jared has gone, I’ll let you all go.” Yet, Serena gritted her teeth, spitting forcefully.

Upon seeing the situation, Alphonse waved his hand and ordered, “Strip her naked!” Serena wanted to resist, but she was completely overwhelmed by Alphonse’s aura, making it impossible for her to act.

All she could do was watch helplessly as several men, with lecherous grins plastered on their faces, advanced toward her.

Just as Serena resigned herself to her fate, a chillingly cold voice suddenly echoed.

“Is this how a distinguished Ninth Level Tribulator treats people?” As the words fell, Jared’s figure flashed into view from a distance.

“Mr. Chance…” Upon seeing Jared, Serena was quite taken aback.

Jared glanced at Serena, then at Faiyar. As he channeled a surge of spiritual energy into Faiyar, Faiyar, previously motionless, gradually rose to his feet.

“Mr. Chance, why are you here?” Faiyar was utterly surprised when he saw Jared.

He thought he would never see Jared again.

With a casual smile, Jared said, “Had I not come, wouldn’t you all have been in danger?” Alphonse was a Ninth Level Tribulator, but Jared didn’t even consider him a threat.

“Mr. Chance, these individuals are all henchmen of Demon Seal Alliance, seeking to discover your whereabouts. We didn’t reveal anything!” Faiyar exclaimed.

“I know!” Jared nodded and turned his gaze to Alphonse.

“You came for me. It has nothing to do with the others. Please, let them go!” Jared said slowly.

With a casual wave of his hand, Alphonse freed Serena and the others from their constraints.

Upon seeing that Jared only possessed the strength of a Fourth Level Tribulator, Alphonse uttered, with undisguised contempt, “You’re just a Fourth Level Tribulator. Why would the president come up with the hundred-year offering to hunt you down? It’s simply too wasteful. I don’t get it…”

Jared, however, didn’t bother to explain. Instead, he gestured toward Alphonse, saying. We got things to d§. You all Can attack me together.

After dealing with you, I need to get back on the road!”

Jared’s eyes were filled with arrogance and disdain.

Alphonse was directing his subordinates to attack Jared. Faced with several Demonic Quitivalors,”

Jared remained utterly composed, not showing the slightest hint of panic.

“Arrogant!” Alphonse narrowed his eyes, then with a wave of his hand, he commanded, “Go and seize this brat!”

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