The Man Decree Chapter 3878

The Man's Decree

The Man Decree Chapter 3878–Looking For Trouble At Soul Demon Sect, Trystan had gone into seclusion, leaving all the major and minor affairs of the sect in the capable hands of Serena!

With the assistance of Faiyar, Serena managed to keep the sect in perfect order.

Moreover, Faiyar had already become Serena’s dual cultivation partner.

Every day, they were always showing off their affection and lovey-dovey.

Although the overall strength of Soul Demon Sect wasn’t particularly formidable, they were not to be trifled with. This was due to their profound understanding

and research of the divine souls, which enabled them to launch attacks on these souls. As a result, not many dared to provoke them.

Additionally, Soul Demon Sect had the ability to help restore the physical body.

Regardless of whether one was a Demonic Cultivator or a human, they could benefit from Soul Demon Sect. Hence, Soul Demon Sect managed to coexist peacefully.

“Ms. Pruitt, a few people have arrived outside…” a disciple from Soul Demon Sect reported.

“Are they here for the physical body restoration again?” Serena asked.

“I’m not sure!” The disciple from Soul Demon Sect shook his head.

“Serena, let’s go outside and see. Mr. Chance might’ve sent them here,” Faiyar said.

A few days ago, the Five Great Sects attended by Soul Demon Sect were introduced by Jared. Faiyar thought that could be the case again this time.

Serena nodded, subsequently following Faiyar out the door.

Upon arriving at the entrance of the sect’s gate, a young man dressed in a black robe, Alphonse, was spotted. He was standing quietly at the entrance, accompanied by a few of his subordinates.

At a single glance, one could easily discern the other’s identity as a Demonic Cultivator.

However, Serena didn’t mind it. Regardless of whether they were human or Demonic Cultivators, they all had the capacity to restore their physical bodies.

The prerequisite was that they had to be provided with ample resources.

Serena stepped forward, politely asking, “Fellow cultivators, may I ask what brings you to Soul Demon Sect?” “Where is your sect leader?” Alphonse asked.

“Our Sect Leader is currently in seclusion. If there’s anything you need, you can come to me. After all, I am the vice president of Soul Demon Sect,” Serena said.

Alphonse glanced at Serena and asked coldly, “Do any of you know Jared?” Upon hearing Jared’s name, both Serena and Faiyar instantly became alert.

Serena shook her head. “No. What are you guys here for? If you’re not here for physical body restoration, I’m afraid I can’t entertain you.” After that, Serena and Faiyar were about to leave.

However, they were stopped by a few people standing behind Alphonse.

Upon witnessing this scene, numerous disciples from Soul Demon Sect hurriedly rushed out.

They knew these guys were there to stir up trouble.

Alphonse faced dozens of Soul Demon Sect disciples, yet he showed no signs of fear or panic.

“I’d advise you folks from Soul Demon Sect to be wise. We’re from Demon Seal Alliance. People say you from Soul Demen Sect Hanging out with Jared. Where has Jared gone now? As long as you tell me, I can let you off the hook. After all, we from Demon Seal Alliance wouldn’t bother dealing with insignificant sects like yours,” Alphonse said.

A wave of panic filled Serena’s heart when she heard that the person was from Demon Seal Alliance.

After all, she was well aware of what kind of organization Demon Seal Alliance was. Soul Demon Sect simply did not possess the strength to stand against them.

Faiyar narrowed his eyes slightly, remarking, “Demon Seal Alliance?

Not bad. Not even pretendingo m anymone huh? As Demonic.

Cultivators, you were oppressed by Demon Seal Alliance, yet now you pledge your loyalty to them. You truly have no shame.”

As soon as the words left Alphonse’s lips, the power of a Ninth Level Tribulator erupted instantly.

Alphonse merely shrugged it off with an indifferent chuckle. “We’re collaborating. Loyally shit in Question here. All you need to do is tell us Jared’s whereabouts. Otherwise, Soul Demon Sect is going down today.”

With this move, the members of Soul Demon Sect were completely overwhelmed, utterly devoid of any strength to resist.

A Ninth Level Tribulator was untouchable and unbeatable for Soul Demon Sect.

It was important to note that the strength of Demon Sealing Alliance was indeed terrifying. They casually dispatched a Demonic Cultivator, who shockingly turned out to be a Ninth Level Tribulator.

Reflecting on Jared’s future path, Faiyar started to worry for him.

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