The Man Decree Chapter 3754

The Man's Decree

The Man Decree Chapter 3754-Leighton staggered in mid-air, nearly plummeting down!

Though he hadn’t sustained many injuries, his clothes had caught on fire!

Leighton was in a desperate scramble, simultaneously fleeing and attempting to extinguish the flames engulfing his body. His situation was utterly chaotic!

Watching Leighton flee, Alastair was left dumbfounded.

Initially, he was contemplating how to escape, yet unexpectedly, Jared, a Third Level Tribulator cultivator, managed to scare off a Ninth Level Tribulator cultivator.

If others were to heard of it, they would think it was a joke, but it was the truth!

Jared did not pursue Leighton. Instead, he headed to Snow River Valley to assist Vermilion Demon Lord in the latter’s search for the remains.

“All right, stop spacing out. Let’s go check out Snow River Valley!” Observing Alastair’s dumbfounded expression, Jared gave a nonchalant smile.

“All right, all right, all right…” Alastair kept nodding, daring not to offend even in the slightest at that moment!

After all, if he offended Jared, the latter could probably kill him with a flick of a finger.

After following Alastair for about ten minutes, Jared arrived at a canyon.

There, towering mountains loomed, blanketed everywhere in pristine white snow!

Surprisingly, nestled within that canyon was a gently flowing brook!

The temperature there was extremely low, and the place was blanketed in white snow, yet there was a pristine and clear stream with no fish in sight.

Snow River Valley was incredibly serene. There were no signs of any demon beasts, only small creatures occasionally emerging to drink water by the creek.

“This is Snow River Valley, a name derived from the ever-flowing creek itself. No matter how low the temperature gets here, this stream never freezes. It’s quite remarkable,” Alastair said.

Jared bent down, dipping his hand into the stream. To his surprise, the water was warm.

“Who would have thought there’d be a hot spring here? The water bubbles up from underground, so of course it doesn’t freeze.” Jared rose to his feet, speaking in a nonchalant manner. With a hot spring around, obviously, the stream won’t freeze.

“This isn’t a hot spring, nor is it something that’s bubbled up from underground.

It’s all formed from the melting of accumulated snow,” said Leighton.

“It’s form from melted snow? Then why would the stream be warm? Could there be fire of the Earth’s core here?” Jared couldn’t comprehend how the accumulated snow could possibly melt!

Only if there was a fire from the earth’s core there that the ground temperature would be high, causing the snow to melt!

However, if that were the case, there wouldn’t just be a stream. The accumulated snow there would all melt, leading to a torrential flood!

Jared, along with Alastair, followed the stream upstream, wanting to find out where the source of this stream was!

As Jared and Alastair ventured deeper into the Snow River Valley, out of the blue, Vermilion Demon Lord spoke up! “Kid, I’m certain my remains are still here. I can feel it!” Upon hearing that, Jared was instantly filled with immense joy!

If all of Vermilion Demon Lord’s remains could be found there, it would be possible to bring Vermilion Demon Lord back to life!

There were no hot springs bubbling up there. It was all thanks to the melting of accumulated snow!

In the area where the accumulated snow had melted, the ground’s stones surprisingly radiated a reddish-brown hue, as if they had been scorched!

Jared reached out to touch the stone on the ground, only to find it surprisingly hot to the touch!

“This is the place. My remains should be here!” The voice of Vermilion Demon Lord echoed once again!

“Give me some space. There’s definitely something beneath us. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be like this.” Jared gestured for Alastair to step aside.

Then, gripping the Dragonslayer Sword, he fiercely struck down on the stone!

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