The Man Decree Chapter 3752

The Man's Decree

The Man Decree Chapter 3752-“Even if it could save my life just once, it would be worth it!” Jared didn’t really care about how long that hand fan could still be used!

Jared followed Alastair as they departed. Accompanied by a sudden shift beneath his feet, the surrounding scenery transformed in an instant!

They had already emerged from that shopping district!

Originally, Alastair was afraid that Leighton would be waiting outside for Jared.

However, when they came out, they did not see any sign of Leighton!

Thankfully, that guy was all talk! Inwardly, Alastair breathed a sigh of relief!

Jared directed his order at Alastair! “Let’s go. Come with me to Snow River Valley. I’ve already paid you, after all.” Alastair nodded, saying, “No problem. Once you leave Southedge City, keep heading east. You’ll find Snow River Valley right at the foot of Demonia Mountain.” Jared and Alastair took off, heading toward Snow River Valley!

No sooner had they left Southedge City than a frown creased Jared’s forehead!

“What’s wrong?” asked Alastair.

“We are being followed!” Jared said!

“What? Who’s been following us? Is it someone from the Mueller family?” Alastair was somewhat flustered!

“I don’t know yet. Let’s keep moving forward and ignore it!” Jared only felt a sense of being watched, completely unaware of the other party’s identity!

“Let’s head back. If we’re in Southedge City, I bet the Mueller family wouldn’t dare lay a finger on us.” Alastair was scared and wanted to go back!

“What’s the point of going back?” Jared grabbed Alastair’s shoulder firmly, then executed the Blazing Stride.

In an instant, their figures vanished, only to reappear in the far distance!

The pace of the two escalated significantly as though they were leaping through space!

Leighton, upon witnessing the speed of Jared and Alastair, was left utterly dumbfounded!

“Darn it, he’s only a Third Level Tribulator cultivator. How can he run so fast?” Leighton held his breath, focusing intently as he began to chase with all his might!

At that moment, Alastair’s face was as pale as a sheet. He had no idea that Jared could move so swiftly, reaching several kilometers away in the blink of an eye!

Before long, Jared and his companions found themselves at the base of Demonia Mountain. The place was entirely blanketed in pristine white snow, and the sound of the wind howled around them!

After hitting the ground, Jared concealed himself, pulling Alastair with him!

At the same time, Jared’s spiritual sense suddenly spread out, encompassing several kilometers around!

Regrettably, Jared’s spiritual sense had discovered nothing!

“He’s not following anymore?” Jared’s brow slightly furrowed!

Actually, it wasn’t that Leighton had stopped following Jared. It was just that Jared was moving too fast!

At that moment, Leighton was panting heavily, chasing from behind!

Chasing and cursing at the same time, he exclaimed, “D*mn, did they use some kind of aircraft? They’re too fast!” While Leighton was grumbling and complaining, suddenly, a figure darted toward him out of nowhere!

It was Jared. He had discovered Leighton and decided to strike first to gain the upper hand!

Leighton was too preoccupied and flustered in his pursuit, and as a result, he didn’t immediately notice the hidden Jared.

With a swift strike from Jared, Leighton instantly reacted, his body suddenly erupting in a blaze of flames!

Unfazed by the flames, Jared’s hand landed squarely on Leighton’s shoulder with a single slap!

Leighton’s body collapsed onto the ground, his eyes filled with disbelief!

Incredibly, Jared had managed to pass through Leighton’s flames unscathed!

“With that tiny spark of yours, I bet you couldn’t even roast a chicken!” Jared said with a smirk on his face!

“Kid, you’re asking for trouble!” Leighton made a swift leap, his body airborne in a flash.

Following that, with a swift wave of his palms, hundreds of flames surged forward, densely packed and heading straight for Jared!

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