The Man Decree Chapter 3750

The Man's Decree

The Man Decree Chapter 3750-Upon seeing Jared’s bid, the cultivator frowned.

The other cultivators also turned their gaze towards Jared. Just a moment ago, Jared had spent money to purchase those arm bones, and, at that moment, he was gunning for the hand fan. Thus, everyone thought he must be quite wealthy!

Wilson had given Jared more than just a few glances. He hadn’t realized that Jared was so wealthy!

“My friend, I really fancy this hand fan. I hope you could let me have it!” The lean cultivator wanted Jared to give up.

It seemed he had no more money left. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have voluntarily suggested that Jared should stay away!

However, Jared had no intention of parting with it. Possessing that hand fan could fend off the attacks from Top Level Tribulator cultivators. For Jared, it was a matter of life and death!

“Sorry, the rule is that the highest bidder wins. You’re free to make a higher offer!” Jared shook his head!

The cultivator’s eyes slightly narrowed in response. Immediately after, an intimidating aura burst from him, directly tearing apart the array runes enveloping his body!

With that revelation, the true appearance and aura of the cultivator were exposed. Surprisingly, he was an elderly man with white hair!

No wonder that cultivator dared to reveal himself. He was a Ninth Level Tribulator cultivator!

“My friend, I am Leighton of the Mueller family. If you could consider our request, my family and I would be eternally grateful.” After Leighton finished speaking, astonishingly, a flame rose from his palm, signifying that he wasn’t lying!

After all, in the vicinity of Demonia Mountain, it was only the Mueller family who were practicing fire cultivation techniques!

“So, it’s someone from the Mueller family. No wonder they dared to break their shield, revealing their true appearance and aura.” “With this move, even Wilson probably wouldn’t dare to say anything. After all, the Mueller family is a well-respected clan.” “This brat will probably concede. After all, having the Mueller family owe him one is better than a broken fan.” Numerous cultivators were engaged in quiet discussions!

Jared stared at Leighton, a hint of wariness in his eyes. He had killed Keiran and, suddenly, there were members of the Mueller family present. It was highly likely they were there for him!

Fortunately, Leighton didn’t know Jared, which was why he tried to persuade Jared!

If he had known Jared’s identity, he would have taken action against Jared a long time ago!

Wilson watched Leighton, feeling displeased deep down, but he didn’t voice his discontent. After all, the Mueller family was considered a prominent clan in Demonia Mountain!

If offending the Mueller family was the price to pay for a little money, it surely wasn’t worth it!

Thus, it all depended on whether Jared would be willing to let go!

Everyone’s eyes were on Jared. Even Alastair subtly tugged at the corner of Jared’s clothing, hinting at him to surrender the hand fan!

“If you have the money, then bring it out. The highest bidder wins. I have no objections. However, if you’re planning to use your power to oppress others, I’m not playing along with that game.” Jared glanced at Leighton, letting out a cold huff!

Everyone was astounded as they looked at Jared!

Leighton was taken aback. He had initially thought that revealing his identity would cause Jared to back off, but to his surprise, Jared didn’t give him any respect at all!

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“Are you disrespecting my family?” Leighton gazed at Jared with an icy stare.

The explosive aura of a Ninth Level Tribulator cultivator within him burst forth, enveloping Jared!

The overwhelming presence caused Jared’s companion, Alastair, to pale and struggled for breath.

There stood Jared, his eyes slightly narrowed, rooted to the spot without a single movement.

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After all, Jared’s aura was concealed at that time, so Leighton had no idea just how powerful Jared truly was!

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