The Man Decree Chapter 3690

The Man's Decree

The Man Decree Chapter 3690-Upon witnessing this scene, Serena yelled, “The lightning tribulation is about to strike!” Everyone was intently watching the lightning tribulation, curious to see where it would strike. That would reveal who had made the breakthrough.

Norman, along with everyone from Demonia Sect, had their eyes glued to the lightning tribulation. They were all extremely curious, wanting to know who was making a breakthrough in their sect.


Suddenly, a deafening noise erupted, causing everyone to instinctively cover their ears.

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning tore through the lightning tribulation clouds.

Astonishingly, the target of this lightning strike was the mountain peak right before the eyes of Trystan and his group.

In an instant, lightning struck the mountain peak. The massive peak was split open, creating a fissure. The lightning traveled down this crack in a swift motion.

“Wait…” Trystan’s mouth fell open in disbelief, his face filled with astonishment.

“Mr. Chance! It’s Mr. Chance! He has broken through!” Upon seeing the situation, Faiyar was instantly thrilled and let out a loud cheer.

None of them had anticipated that Jared would actually make his breakthrough within that cave.

Upon witnessing the lightning strike, Norman swiftly leaped into action, heading straight toward the location where the lightning tribulation had struck.

The disciples from Demonia Sect also hastened to join in one after another.

When they saw the lightning tribulation strike the peak behind Demonia Sect, they were instantly stunned.

Norman then asked Trystan. “Mr. Pruitt, what exactly happened here?” “It’s Mr. Chance. Mr. Chance has made a breakthrough…” Trystan explained.

Norman wore an expression of utter shock. “How could it be possible to achieve that in this cave? It’s full of numerous restrictions!” At that very moment, Jared was in a cave, his body levitating. Countless beams of golden light radiated from all around him.

Right then, the lightning tribulation struck Jared.

Jared didn’t resist at all. Instead, he channeled the lightning tribulation through his own body, which then struck the cultivation technique documentation device directly.

With each thunderous strike of the lightning tribulation, the restrictions on the cultivation technique documentation device weakened slightly.

Nine consecutive strikes from the lightning tribulation crashed down, gradually dissipating the lightning tribulation clouds.

The entire world fell into a state of tranquility after that.

Norman stared at the dissipating lightning tribulation clouds, uttering in astonishment, “How could a Second Level Tribulator possibly overcome such a terrifying ninefold lightning tribulation? How could he possibly withstand such an intense lightning tribulation?” It was important to note that there were countless cultivators who failed to break through their limits. All of them perished under the lightning tribulation.

After the lightning tribulation had passed, Serena noticed the cave remained undisturbed and couldn’t help but ask, “Master, Mr. Chance should be okay, right?” “Don’t worry, Mr. Chance is fine. I have faith in him!” Faiyar was the first to speak.

He had been with Jared for quite some time and was well aware of Jared’s capabilities.

As everyone was quietly gazing at the mountain peak before them, suddenly, the peak collapsed on both sides.

The towering mountain peaks, in a mere moment, were leveled to the ground.

“Mr. Chance! That’s Mr. Chance!” Faiyar roared loudly!

At that moment, Jared was enveloped in a golden light, suspended in mid-air, appearing like a deity descending from the heavens.

Particularly, the overwhelming aura he exuded was so intense that it was impossible to meet his gaze directly.

Norman, too, had his eyes wide open, staring intently at Jared.

A disciple from Demonia Sect shouted in excitement, “Mr. Zaffino, the documentation device! It’s Demonia Sect’s cultivation technique documentation device!” “Shut up! I saw it!” Norman cast a cool glance at the disciple.

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