The Man Decree Chapter 3689

The Man's Decree

The Man Decree Chapter 3689-After all, their capabilities were simply not enough to stop Skylar.

“Jared, once I regain my physical body, I will come find you again…” Skylar cast a glance at the cave, and in an instant, he was nowhere to be seen.

He wasn’t going to wait around for Jared to emerge, and then follow him into a life-or-death situation. He wasn’t that foolish.

Skylar’s sole objective was to acquire Demonia Stone. Since he had it in his possession, nothing else mattered.

As for dealing with Jared, there would be plenty of time once his physical body was restored.

Skylar, that guy, was incredibly clever. It was precisely because of this that he constantly caused significant difficulties for Jared.

After Skylar left, Norman couldn’t help but let out a helpless sigh.

He didn’t concern himself with Jared in the cave. Instead, he left with the disciples of Demonia Sect.

He knew there was no way Jared could retrieve the cultivation technique secret scrolls.

Moreover, since the sole Demonia Stone was gone, Demonia Sect couldn’t use anything as a reward in the future to entice people to retrieve the cultivation technique secret scrolls.

Before long, Trystan and his companions were left anxiously waiting for Jared in front of the cave.

However, the wait turned out to be an entire day and night.

“Master, it’s been quite a while, and Mr. Chance still hasn’t emerged. Could something have happened to him inside?” Serena expressed her worries with great concern.

Trystan furrowed his brows, uncertain about Jared’s actual condition.

“I need to go find Mr. Chance…” Faiyar couldn’t wait any longer. He had to go find Jared. Regardless of whether Jared was dead or alive, he needed to see for himself.

“Faiyar, you can’t go! With your current abilities, going in there would be a suicide mission!” Serena blocked Faiyar’s path.

Seeing the situation, Clifford quickly intervened by saying, “Serena, he wants to go in and take a look. Let him. If it gets dangerous, he can quickly get out.

Besides, Mr. Zaffino said that the only risk is being forcibly ejected by the restraint. There’s no threat to his life.” Clifford wished for Faiyar to enter. In fact, Clifford wanted Faiyar to die there.

Serena glanced at Clifford, roaring, “Why don’t you go in and take a look, then?” Clifford was at a loss for words, unsure of how to respond.

Just then, the world seemed to shift, as a massive swarm of dark clouds surged in from the distance.

This sudden turn of events had taken Trystan and everyone else completely by surprise.

At that moment, they thought some expert had arrived.

However, it was only when these ominous clouds had gathered overhead that Trystan realized they were lightning tribulation clouds.

Lightning tribulation clouds had completely enveloped the entire Demonia Sect, and within them, one could clearly see streaks of lightning continuously flashing across.

Trystan gazed at the ominously dark lightning tribulation clouds, a question forming amidst his confusion. “Who from Demonia Sect is on the verge of a breakthrough? Could it possibly be Mr. Zaffino?” The higher the cultivation level, the more powerful the lightning tribulation clouds would become, making the lightning tribulation itself more formidable.

Judging by the lightning tribulation clouds, it seemed as though a Tribulator was attempting a breakthrough.

“Who is breaking through?” Norman was taken aback for a moment, then hastily rushed out to investigate.

After all, he was the sect leader. He would be aware of anyone in Demonia Sect making a breakthrough, but he hadn’t noticed any of his disciples on the verge of such a breakthrough.

All the disciples of Demonia Sect had rushed out, staring at the sky in disbelief.

At that moment, the entire Demonia Sect was shrouded in an unparalleled darkness.

Within the lightning tribulation clouds, countless bolts of lightning darted about, seemingly gathering strength, as if waiting for the impending lightning tribulation to arrive.


Suddenly, a deafening sound echoed from the horizon, followed by countless flashes of lightning converging within the lightning tribulation clouds.

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