The Man Decree Chapter 3203 by Thomasnovel

The Man Decree Chapter 3203-Viola and Quinley glared angrily at Jared in response.

Although they were unhappy that Feenix got to go with Jared while they had to stay back, they knew that it was due to their current strength. They would only burden Jared if they went with him without being strong enough.

Quinley was the most upset as she had come all the way from the far north, only to be separated from Jared again.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the other girls had all slept with Jared. She was the only one who had yet to do so.

That made Quinley feel inferior to the other girls. Upon noticing the look on Quinley’s face, Feenix realized something and whispered into Jared’s ear. Jared turned to look at Quinley and saw that her eyes were filled with desire.

“All right; begin with the preparations. We’ll head out shortly,” Jared said with a wave.

“Take care, Mr. Chance. The nearest Teleportation Array is thousands of miles away. You can use it to teleport to the central region and then teleport to the southern region from there. Although you will be using a Teleportation Array, keep in mind that it isn’t. open every day. Whether or not you get to use it will depend on your luck,” Yuven reminded Jared.

“Got it. Make sure to safeguard Emerald Cauldron Sect,” Jared replied. Emerald Cauldron Sect was where Jared’s women were gathered, so he couldn’t let anything happen to it.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Chance. I will have my army stationed here at Emerald Cauldron Sect once I return. We have also taken over Norwal City, so Emerald Cauldron Sect will be very safe since it is sandwiched between the two cities,” Yuven responded seriously.

As everyone left the hall, Feenix stopped Quinley and said, “I think Master wants to have a word with you, Quinley.” Feenix then stepped outside to give the two some privacy, leaving Quinley confused and flustered. Before she even realized what was going on, Jared scooped her into his arms and carried her into the bedroom.

Pleasurable moans soon came from the bedroom as things quickly got heated up in there. Feenix couldn’t help but giggle as she listened in from outside.

Eventually, the moans faded into silence. Quinley looked a mess when she opened the bedroom door and stepped outside. Feenix walked up to her and asked with a teasing smile, “How are you feeling, Quinley?” Quinley burned bright red and ran off immediately. However, there was something off about her posture when she ran. Jared shot Feenix a glare when he realized she had been eavesdropping. “Are you ready to head out?” “Yes, and so is Cloud’s airship. We were just waiting for you to finish your business in the bedroom!” Feenix replied with a chuckle. Jared waved at her.

“Let’s go!” Everyone from Emerald Cauldron Sect camer out to send them off as they boarded the airship. Viola, Quinley, and Aislin had reluctant looks on their faces, but there was nothing much they could do about it.

The people from Emerald Cauldron Sect waved goodbye to them as the airship slowly rose into the air..

They had no idea when Jared would return again.

All Viola and the others could do was focus on their cultivation to strengthen themselves as quickly as possible.

That was the only way they could become Jared’s equals instead of his burdens. The airship had disappeared completely from sight, but Quinley and the others were still standing there and staring at the sky.

“How long does the Teleportation Array take before it activates, Feenix?” Jared asked while staring at the sky outside the window.

“I’m not too sure myself. The Teleportation Array doesn’t have a fixed timeframe, and each. activation consumes a huge amount of resources. If there aren’t many people using it, then we would need to wait until we have enough people to activate it. I imagine there would be a lot of people heading over to Demonia Mountain now that a celestial battleground has been discovered there, so the time taken for the Teleportation Array to activate should be very short,” Feenix explained.

Jared simply nodded in response and stared out the window without saying anything further.

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