The Man Decree Chapter 2934 by Thomas novel

The Man Decree Chapter 2934-Barken and his companion were initially surprised, but Barken swiftly regained his composure and burst into hearty laughter. “Young man, don’t attempt to deceive us. Ms. Baptiste isn’t so feeble as to be killed by the likes of you. She can kill you easily.”

“It’s up to you to trust me or not. Since you think she’s still alive, can you sense her aura?” Jared asked with a smirk. “We have three cultivators at Eighth Level Body Fusion Realm, and one at Seventh Level. Do you think you both are our match?”

Jared deliberately concealed his true strength, hoping to trick the Demonic Cultivators into underestimating him.

He knew that when they ceased regarding him as a threat, he would become the most dangerous adversary among them all.

“I’m aware of your injuries, and even without them, you’re still no match for us,” Barken said dismissively. “Enough of this idle chatter, and let’s fight.”

He raised his palm and elevated the tower, which emitted a faint glow.

A muffled thud echoed in all directions.

Knowing that Barken’s tower wasn’t to be taken lightly, Jared frowned.

“By the power of the tower, I suppress all before me!” Barken shouted, then tossed the tower into the air.

Infused with spiritual energy, the tower expanded in size, transforming into a colossal structure hurtling directly toward Jared and his companions.

Everyone was shocked at the sight, and they quickly retreated.

Jared was racing away at maximum speed, but the resonating sounds like a bell from within the tower possessed an uncanny ability to disrupt his spiritual sense.

He suddenly stopped moving as if he had been momentarily entranced.

Soon, he was trapped beneath the tower.

The tower plummeted to the ground with a deafening crash, forming an enormous crater.

An eruption of ice and snow soared into the sky, shrouding the surroundings and obscuring everyone’s view.

“Mr. Chance!”


Cloud, Sunny, and the rest were astounded to see Jared being trapped by the tower.

Jared’s cultivation level might seem to be the lowest among them, but they had to rely on him in a fight.

He knew how to use arcane arrays and was in possession of Demon Flogger.

Seeing Jared getting trapped beneath the tower, they felt their hearts sink.

“Ha! You’re merely at Third Level Body Fusion Realm. How dare you act arrogant in front of me? How ignorant of you!” Barken scoffed, then turned to Cloud. “Young man, given your possession of the demonic fire, it would be wise to surrender now. Otherwise, you’ll die a horrible death!”

“Nonsense! Even if I die, I will never surrender! You Demonic Cultivators are being hunted by everyone. How dare you act all arrogant?” Cloud retorted.

Barken furrowed his brows, his face cold. In a flash, he appeared before Cloud, who retaliated with a palm strike.

Simultaneously, Sunny and the other two made their moves.

They had to work together or risk getting killed by the Demonic Cultivators.

“How dare you?”

The other guardian leaped up, and two flames surged into the air.

“Blazing Palm!”

A barrage of palm strikes engulfed in searing flames bore down on them.

In response, they swiftly summoned protective shields to shield themselves from the fiery onslaught.

Already weakened and depleted of energy from their previous ordeal, they found themselves with no alternative but to retreat in the face of Blazing Palm’s relentless assault.

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