The Man Decree Chapter 2307 by desirenovel

The Man Decree Chapter 2307 -“Windmist, it appears your disciple hasn’t learned anything apart from how to pick up girls. As his mentor, what have you been doing? He just got slapped hard by someone from the mundane world. However, instead of an attack on your disciple, it’s more of a slap in your face!” Santiago crowed. Already deeply annoyed by how Windshadow had treated Hailey earlier, he seized the opportunity to get back at him.

Despite how humiliating those words were to Windmist, the latter said nothing.

“That can’t possibly be the extent of Windshadow’s capabilities. I’m guessing things will get more interesting after this,” Quindon observed indifferently.

In truth, everyone knew Windshadow had yet to showcase his true powers and had only gotten slapped by Jared because he underestimated the latter.

Windshadow looked down on Jared because he was from the mundane world. On top of that, Jared’s aura was only that of a Third Level Spirit Replicator, leading Windshadow to let his guard down even more.

Had Jared not rung the Dragon Bell and summoned nine golden dragons, Windshadow probably would not have challenged him to a battle. After all, it was beneath his dignity to compete with people from the mundane world.

“All of you just wait and see…” Windmist narrowed his eyes as his expression turned grim. I have faith in him. There’s no way he’ll lose to a brat from the mundane world!

Meanwhile, Windshadow stood in the arena, seething with rage as he glared at Jared. That one slap had shattered his ego and pride. I didn’t expect him to have a trick or two up his sleeve!

“You brat, you’ve really p*ssed me off now. I’m going to kill you!” he roared, no longer caring about abiding by the rules and loudly declaring he would end Jared’s life.

“You’re welcome to try, but let’s see whether you have what it takes to succeed. I said I’d beat the sh*t out of you, and that’s what I’ll do. So, be prepared to change your clothes.”

The slight sneer on Jared’s lips and his disdainful expression irked Windshadow even further.

“Don’t delude yourself into thinking you can rely on flashy techniques to beat me. Today, I’ll show you just what I’m capable of!” With that, Windshadow’s aura raged, churning up shockwaves that swept in all directions.

When Jared saw that, he pushed himself lightly off the ground, and his body immediately flew backward to avoid the attack.

Windshadow glanced at Windmist, and the latter nodded at him. The father-and-son duo appeared to be silently communicating with each other.

After seeing his father nod, Windshadow appeared to throw caution to the wind. He thrust the sword he held into the ground at the center of the arena, which began to emit a bright glow. The entire arena shook violently, and something seemed to dislodge the sword and send it flying into the air.

Soon after, wisps of black vapor started rising from where the sword had pierced the floor, gradually spreading and gathering over the arena.

The sight stunned everyone. Many of them shifted their gazes toward Windmist, looking confused and uncertain.

However, he stared straight ahead, seemingly oblivious to their gazes. His eyes were locked on the air above the arena.

A terrifying aura started to condense and swell continuously. Meanwhile, the black vapor slowly gathered to form human shapes.

Soon, six figures wielding swords formed from the vapor were floating mid-air!

Everyone gasped in shock at the scene.

“Soul remnants? Spirit Replicator soul remnants?” Chester furrowed his brows tightly as he watched what was happening above the arena.

“Why does Windmoon Valley have soul remnants? And they even sealed the remnants in the arena! No wonder no one has ever succeeded in conquering Gate of Mountain’s arena!” someone yelled in a disgruntled tone.

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