The Man Decree Chapter 1961 by desirenovel

The Man Decree Chapter 1961-The middle-aged man was livid, but he knew he was powerless against Jose’s faction. Everyone else had their own scheme and nobody wanted to go all out, so they could never challenge the power of Jose’s faction.

Seeing that no one dared to say a word, Jose flashed a satisfied grin while shooting Jared a smug look.

Jared has just destroyed the arcane array. I promised to let him come into the ancient ruins with us, but he refused my offer. I must make him regret by blocking him outside!

“Mr. Chance, what should we do?” Verner asked anxiously.

Jose was standing guard at the entrance, making it impossible for them to gain access.

“Wait,” came Jared’s curt answer.

Jared swiveled his head around to take a look at Skylar and his companions. Though they had all taken off their black capes, attempting to blend in with the masses, Jared was still able to identify them easily.

Jared also spotted Claus standing in a corner in an effort to conceal himself.

Jared could immediately tell that these people were the most competent among everyone present. They seemed content to linger in anticipation, so Jared chose to do the same.

Let’s see who’ll be the first one to grow impatient!

Skylar urgently asked Malphas, “Sir, what should we do? Jose is currently blocking the entrance, and if he continues to do so, it will prevent us from carrying out our plan of taking them all out in one fell swoop.”

The spirit inside his body answered, “Attack him with your men. We cannot allow them to gain control of the area as it could jeopardize our plans.”

Their plan was to allow all the families to devise their own strategies and engage in fierce competition in order to gain access. Ultimately, they intended to eliminate any survivors of the battle.

That way, Evil Heart Sect would get to conquer Encanta Island.

Now that Jose was attempting to gain a complete monopoly and form alliances with the other families, it would be hard to get rid of him later.

Hearing that, Skylar led the four Black Gold Robe warriors to the front.

He purposely covered his face with a black scarf so no one would recognize that he was from Jadeborough’s Warriors Alliance.

Waving his hand, Jose was about to lead his men into the ancient ruins after seeing that no one was getting in their way.

“Wait a minute!” Skylar called out.

Hearing that, Jose turned over his shoulder to look at Skylar. “Who are you? What do you want?”

“Who I am is irrelevant. I refuse to let you have sole control over the ancient ruins. You have no right to keep us out,” Skylar declared.

Jose’s brows furrowed. “What? Didn’t you see the battle earlier? Do you know the consequences of refusing to admit defeat?”

“I know, but I still refuse to admit defeat,” Skylar insisted. In a smug voice, he added, “This ancient ruin doesn’t belong to your family. What gives you the right to deny us entry?”

“What right do I have? I’m powerful, of course.”

Jose’s eyes narrowed as a chilly aura descended over him. He then swung his fist at Skylar.

However, Skylar didn’t retaliate or move.

As Jose stepped up to Skylar, a Black Gold Robe warrior standing behind Skylar unexpectedly sprang into action.

He delivered a powerful kick to Jose, who was completely taken off guard and was sent flying backward.


Jose’s body crashed into the mountains, causing an avalanche.

He spat out a mouthful of blood, feeling as though his organs were crushed.

“A-A Martial Arts Saint…” His expression turned as black as thunder as he stared at the Black Gold Robe warrior who had just attacked him.

He was totally unaware that a Martial Arts Saint was present. As if that wasn’t surprising enough, the Martial Arts Saint appeared to be a servant to someone else.

After all, a Martial Arts Saint was highly esteemed and venerated within a family, never considered to be of a lowly status, such as that of a servant.

Any family with a sacred martial arts relic in their possession would be able to wield a great deal of power and influence, much less if they possessed a Martial Arts Saint.

Jose was baffled. Is there a family in the mundane world who has Martial Arts Saints as their servants?

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