[The Man Decree] A Man Like None Other Chapter 4000

A Man Like None Other Chapter 4000-Upon hearing this, Chen Ping took a deep breath and let the flames burn him. He stopped thinking about random things and chanted the Heart Cleansing Mantra, trying hard to clear his mind!

As Chen Ping slowly calmed down, the burning sensation on his body actually dissipated a lot!

Chen Ping looked up at the Cliff of Repentance in front of him. Through the blazing flames, words began to flash on the Cliff!

The calmer Chen Ping’s mind became, the clearer the words became, and soon the entire Cliff of Repentance was covered with words!

Looking at the words in front of him, Chen Ping was very excited, but he tried hard to restrain himself. He couldn’t let his emotions fluctuate too much!

“True Fire Dharmakaya? It’s actually a technique to refine the fire!”

After Chen Ping read through the exercises, he slowly closed his eyes and began to practice according to the exercises on the Cliff of Repentance!

Soon, in Chen Ping’s sea of ​​consciousness, a phantom figure appeared. It looked exactly like Chen Ping, as if it was Chen Ping’s soul!

However, the soul will not appear in the sea of ​​consciousness. Even the Red Cloud Demon Lord felt a little curious when he saw the figure that suddenly appeared!

However, Demon Lord Chiyun did not disturb him, but watched quietly!

This illusory figure looked very blurry and had no breath at all!

However, as Chen Ping practiced his skills, five balls of fire appeared around the figure. They were the five kinds of fire that Chen Ping mastered!

The five kinds of supreme fire circulated and actually began to purify. Originally, due to various reasons when Chen Ping was absorbing and refining, the supreme fire was not pure, but now these five kinds of supreme fire have become extremely refined!

At this time, the fire became extremely pure, and its power was greatly enhanced.

Along with the purification of the supreme fire, Chen Ping’s body was also being tempered. The illusory figure was actually Chen Ping’s True Fire Dharma Body, but Chen Ping had just started practicing and his Dharma Body was still in nothingness!

Along with the tempering of his Dharma body, Chen Ping’s true body was also improved.

In this way, no matter what Chen Ping does in the future, he can let his Dharma body cultivate in his sea of ​​consciousness, so that his own cultivation will also increase!

In this way, Chen Ping no longer needs to practice in seclusion. Even in battle, the practice of the Dharma body will be reflected in Chen Ping himself!

It’s just that Chen Ping doesn’t fully understand the True Fire Dharma Body yet!

He has just begun to comprehend the cultivation now. As his cultivation deepens, Chen Ping will definitely have a deeper understanding of the True Fire Dharma Body!

And just when Chen Ping was practicing the True Fire Dharma Body at the Cliff of Regret!

Elder Na Tian has gone to Liangyi Gate to invite a master of formations!

Since Elder Yu and the others do not agree to open the Divine Fire Mountain, Huo Yuanting will find a formation master to open the Divine Fire Mountain himself!

“Master, Elder Gu from Liangyi Sect has arrived…”

Elder Tian walked into the hall and said to Huo Yuanting!

“I didn’t expect Elder Gu to come in person. I’m sorry for not welcoming you…”

Huo Yuanting stood up and greeted Gu Tianchao very respectfully.

If Chen Ping saw Gu Tianchao, he would probably recognize him at a glance. This guy was the one who harmed Elder Xia’s daughter in Wantong Pavilion!

When the Ten Thousand Souls Formation was broken by Chen Ping, the remaining soul of Gu Tianchao escaped, but he still kept his life and said that he would settle accounts with Chen Ping in the future!

“Master Huo, you are too polite. Since there is something going on with your Zi Yan Sect, of course I have to come. Besides, Master Huo has always taken good care of our Liang Yi Sect.”

Gu Tianchao said with a smile!

The killing formation that Huo Yuanting bought at a huge price was bought from the Liangyi Sect, so Huo Yuanting had some connections with the Liangyi Sect!

“Elder Gu, we are old acquaintances, so I will be frank. The reason I asked you to come here is because I hope you can help me open the God Mountain Fire.”

Huo Yuanting said!

Gu Tianchao was stunned for a moment, then said, “Master Huo, the Divine Fire Mountain is the sacred mountain of your Ziyan Sect. It has been imprisoned by a formation. If you want to open the Divine Fire Mountain, you must open the formation.”

“Don’t you have a formation master in Ziyan Sect who has the formation plate to open the Divine Fire Mountain? Why are you looking for me?”

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