[The Man Decree] A Man Like None Other Chapter 3967

a man like none others

A Man Like None Other Chapter 3967-Upon hearing this, Qian Xiu shook his head and said, “When Huo Dong left, he had already reached the eighth level of the Tribulation Realm. I don’t know how much he has improved to now.”

“If he does something wrong, I will just commit suicide. Even if I die, I can’t let him ruin me.”

When Qian Xiu said this, her face was full of determination, and it was obvious that if the moment really came, she would really dare to commit suicide!

“Senior Sister Qian, even if you committed suicide, if Huo Dong is still interested in your corpse, wouldn’t that be……”

Chen Ping didn’t finish his words, he believed Qian Xiu knew what he meant!

Qian Xiu’s face turned very ugly. She had never thought about this matter!

It’s impossible for Huo Dong to be so perverted, right?

But no one can tell!

Qian Xiu is in trouble!

“Junior Sister Qian, if Huo Dong causes you trouble, tell me and I will protect you!”

Wei Qing looked at Qian Xiu’s embarrassment and quickly expressed himself!

“Senior brother, can you beat Huo Dong?” Qian Xiu asked!


Wei Qing was speechless. Of course he couldn’t win!

“Sister, why don’t you come live with me? If he comes here to cause trouble for you, I won’t let him leave this door.”

Chen Ping said to Qian Xiu!

When Qian Xiu heard this, he nodded excitedly: “Okay, okay, I’ll sleep with my junior brother, I’ll go get the bedding now…”

After Qian Xiu finished speaking, she ran to get the bedding!

Chen Ping looked at Qian Xiu and gave a bitter smile. He really just wanted Qian Xiu’s safety, so he asked her to sleep here!

There is absolutely no other meaning, but Qian Xiu probably doesn’t think so!

Wei Qing also looked at Chen Ping with envy: “Little Junior Brother, you actually don’t know that Junior Sister Qian is usually quite aloof, but now in front of you, she has become a little fangirl!”

“You are blessed tonight, enjoy it, I won’t disturb you!”

“Senior Brother, you misunderstood. I am really just worried about Senior Sister Qian’s safety. I don’t have any other thoughts, and I will not touch Senior Sister Qian.” Chen Ping hurriedly followed Wei Qing to explain!

“Okay, you don’t have to explain. Even if you don’t have any ideas, can you guarantee that Junior Sister Qian doesn’t have any ideas?”

“Look at her, she might eat you tonight, so take care of yourself!”

After Wei Qing finished speaking, he turned and left!

Soon Qian Xiu came with bedding and pulled Chen Ping into the room without saying a word!

Chen Ping hurried into the room and closed the door!

“Senior Sister Qian, there is a room next door. You should go over there and sleep there. I am used to sleeping alone!”

Chen Ping doesn’t let Qian Xiu enter his room!

Qian Xiu tried to persuade Chen Ping for a long time, but seeing that Chen Ping was unmoved, she could only go to the next room angrily!

Seeing Qian Xiu went to the next room, Chen Ping finally lay down on the bed and fell asleep peacefully!

At this time, in the residence of the leader of Zi Yan Sect!

Several disciples of Zi Yan Sect were standing in front of a tall building!

Inside this building, Huo Yuanting was sitting in the main seat in the hall, and below him sat several elders, all of whom were from his lineage!

These elders all followed him, so Huo Yuanting summoned them late at night!

However, the say of these elders in Zi Yan Sect is not as important as that of Elder Yu and Elder Hu!

After all, Elder Yu, Elder Hu and others were all highly respected elders of Zi Yan Sect, and they were trained during the time of the old sect master!

Moreover, Elder Yu, Elder Hu and the others have the same status in Zi Yan Sect as before Huo Yuanting!

It’s just that Huo Yuanting used some tricks to make the old sect leader abdicate, and he became the sect leader. His status was lower than that of Elder Yu and Elder Hu!

This is also the reason why Elder Hu would contradict him and refuse to submit to him as the sect leader!

Today, Huo Yuanting summoned several elders under his command to discuss how to consolidate his position!

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