[The Man Decree] A Man Like None Other Chapter 3951

a man like none others

A Man Like None Other Chapter 3951-“Master Judge, my junior brother has just arrived, so he doesn’t know much about the sect’s rules. Please be lenient this time.”

“I asked him to reveal all his realm auras and accept our inspection!”

After Wei Qing finished speaking, he quickly looked at Chen Ping and said, “Junior brother, quickly release all your realms and stop hiding them. If you want to join the Purple Flame Sect, you must do it without reservation.”

“Brother, I haven’t hidden my realm. I am currently at the fourth level of the Tribulation Realm.”

Chen Ping said blankly!

He only hid his identity, but did not hide his realm at all. As for the strength he displayed, Chen Ping had no way to deal with it. This was his strength of the fourth level of the Tribulation Realm.

“Junior brother, don’t be so stubborn. Admit your mistake quickly. Maybe there is still a chance.”

Qian Xiu also persuaded Chen Ping!

“Sister, I am really at the fourth level of the Tribulation Realm. If you don’t believe me, I can accept the examination!”

Chen Ping said calmly!

Seeing that Chen Ping refused to admit it, the referee elder snorted coldly and said, “Okay, we will conduct a full body check on you right now. Don’t even think about hiding from our inspection.”

After saying that, several referees surrounded Chen Ping at the same time, and several of them emitted their spiritual sense at the same time, covering Chen Ping!

Chen Ping did not resist either. He relaxed his mind and all the aura of his realm was released!

After a full quarter of an hour, several referees had cold sweat on their foreheads.

But after much investigation, it was found that Chen Ping was indeed only at the fourth level of the Tribulation Realm!

Chen Ping did not lie nor hide anything!

“This is really strange, he is really only at the fourth level of the Tribulation Realm, and has no hidden realm!”

The referee elder said with a puzzled look on his face!

When Wei Qing and the others heard this, they all looked at Chen Ping in surprise, their faces full of disbelief!

Liu Shitong shook his head and said, “Impossible. He is at the fourth level of the Tribulation Realm. How could he possibly defeat me, who is at the eighth level of the Tribulation Realm?”

“This is impossible, this is absolutely impossible. This guy must have some hidden skills to hide his realm aura so that others can’t detect it!”

Liu Shitong didn’t believe that he would be defeated by a cultivator of the fourth level in the Tribulation Realm!

“Liu Shitong, although you are now the master’s disciple, you don’t have to doubt our strength. We can still find out whether there is a hidden realm or not. Otherwise, we old guys would not have to act as referees.”

The referee looked slightly angry and said to Liu Shitong!

“Calm down, Elder Judge. That’s not what I meant…”

Liu Shitong quickly apologized!

However, Chen Ping had indeed reached the fourth level of the Tribulation Realm, which was beyond all of their expectations. They all thought that Chen Ping was hiding his realm!

“You are not as skilled as others, so you find other excuses. Do you have any shame?”

“I am even wondering how you reached the eighth level of the Tribulation Realm. Did you use some evil skills to get there?”

“People like you don’t practice martial arts down to earth, but want to reach the sky in one step. Even if you are now at the eighth level of the Tribulation Realm, your strength is not that strong!”

Chen Ping mocked Liu Shitong!

“You’re talking nonsense!” Liu Shitong’s face flushed: “Guess you’re practicing evil skills!”

“Am I talking nonsense? Why would you, an eighth-level Tribulation Realm cultivator, lose to me, a fourth-level Tribulation Realm cultivator?”

“Explain to me, it’s not that you are incompetent, or what?”

Chen Ping said again!

Liu Shitong was so angry that he was about to die. He was the sect master’s favorite disciple and also a deacon, but now he was humiliated by Chen Ping, a guy who was not even an outer disciple, in front of so many people. It was such a great shame!

“I didn’t lose. Who said I lost? Do you think I would be defeated by you so easily?”

Liu Shitong roared, and his aura burst out again!

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