[The Man Decree] A Man Like None Other Chapter 3858

a man like none others

A Man Like None Other Chapter 3858-Munaiyi was shocked and quickly raised his arms, but the frost on his arms did not disappear!

Mu Naiyi panicked. She was practicing ice-based skills. She was immune to this kind of cold air. How could she be frozen?

Just when Mu Nayi was at a loss, the huge ice block began to crack, and finally completely shattered!

Chen Ping’s figure also soared into the sky!

“Holy Light Fist……”

Chen Ping’s whole body was glowing with golden light, and he looked like a great golden immortal. His huge fist shadow came straight towards Mu Nayi!

Munayi was shocked and instinctively wanted to stop him, but his arms were frozen and he couldn’t use the technique at all!


This punch knocked Mu Nayi to the ground!

“I’ll make you awesome, I’ll make you awesome…”

Chen Ping was suspended in mid-air, with a golden fist seal, and punched Mu Nayi’s body!

The entire sect trembled, and Mu Nayi roared angrily!

“Mr. Chen, you are so awesome…”

Seeing this scene, Binglu and others shouted happily!

Ouyang Zhenhua and others had shocked faces and said in disbelief: “That’s so awesome. He’s at the fourth level of the Tribulation Realm. He’s riding on the peak of the Tribulation Realm to beat him violently?”

“What kind of boxing technique is this? It looks very classy!”

Everyone present was shocked and unbelievable. They didn’t understand how Chen Ping, a fourth-level Tribulation Realm master, had such terrifying strength!

Mu Yao and the Mu family were all dumbfounded when they saw Mu Nayi being punched to the ground!

Just now, I was secretly happy that Chen Ping was no match for Mu Nayi, but in the blink of an eye, the situation had reversed!

They really couldn’t believe that Chen Ping was still alive in the big ice of the cold wave.

At this moment, Mu Naiyi’s body had already been smashed into the ground, but Chen Ping did not relax at all, and punches continued to hit him!

Mu Nayi’s clothes were already in tatters!

As the eldest daughter of the Mu family, she was beaten now and her clothes were all in tatters, which Mu Nayi simply couldn’t bear!


Mu Nayi’s face turned red and he roared like a beast!

Immediately afterwards, waves of white cold mist erupted from Mu Nayi’s body, wrapping her body!

She couldn’t let anyone just expose her!

This kind of humiliation is worse than killing her!

“I want you to die, I definitely want you to die…”

Mu Nayi roared angrily, she wished she could eat Chen Ping alive!

“Damn it, you still dare to scream…”

Chen Ping’s face was grim, and his palms immediately unleashed an endless storm!

The storm surged violently, directly blowing away the white cold mist that covered Mu Naiyi’s body!

This time, Mu Nayi was exposed to everyone!

“Close your eyes, close your eyes…”

When Mu Yao saw this, he quickly asked everyone in the Mu family to close their eyes.

However, he secretly opened his eyes to take a peek from time to time. After all, the eldest daughter of the Mu family was very noble, and Mu Yao did not have the opportunity to take a second look at her!

Binglu and the others burst out laughing, their faces full of jokes!

This Munaiyi killed so many of their sisters, and he deserves to be treated like this!

The other monks didn’t care. They all opened their eyes wide and began to discuss it critically!

“As expected of the eldest lady of the Mu family, her skin is so good.”

“Look how white it is. Maybe it’s because of practicing ice-type skills. The whole skin is crystal clear.”

“This time is really not in vain. Even if I don’t get any treasures, I can appreciate the figure of the eldest daughter of the Mu family, and I will die with no regrets.”

Mu Nayi’s body trembled, and all the people’s comments reached her ears!

Chen Ping looked at Mu Nayi with a sneer, without even blinking!

Here in Chen Ping, there is no pity, only a strong murderous intention!

Mu Nayi killed so many saints, Chen Ping wants to avenge them!

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