[The Man Decree] A Man Like None Other Chapter 3857

a man like none others

A Man Like None Other Chapter 3857-At this moment, under the cold wave, a spot of light continued to grow larger, and then broke out of the cold wave!

Chen Ping’s body erupted with fierce fire, and the surrounding temperature continued to rise under the fire!

“Holy Light Fist…”

Chen Ping punched out fiercely, and the wind of his fist roared towards Mu Nayi with fierce flames!


Unexpectedly, the fist light was filled with flames, like a meteor shower, and it hit Mu Nayi!

Mu Naiyi snorted coldly, raised his hands, and the cold wave under his feet instantly rose to the sky, forming a huge shield in front of Mu Naiyi!

And on top of this huge shield, there are whirlpools that seem to be swallowing everything!

Chen Ping’s fist light was actually sucked in by these whirlpools!

Immediately afterwards, the fist light was mixed with fierce flames, and was frozen one after another in the cold wave, and huge pieces of ice fell from the cold wave!

But just when these huge pieces of ice fell, they suddenly changed direction and smashed towards Chen Ping from the bottom up!

When Chen Ping saw this, he hurriedly waved his fists and punched the ice!

The ice cubes shattered, but the fragments were still coming towards Chen Ping like cannonballs!

Chen Ping once again fired a series of extreme fires, causing the ice cubes to pass through the flames and evaporate instantly!

But just when Chen Ping relaxed a little, he felt a dangerous breath coming from above his head!

Chen Ping felt alert and stepped back suddenly!

Mu Nayi looked at Chen Ping with a sneer and said, “It’s too late…”

The next moment, a huge ice block suddenly appeared above Chen Ping’s head, as if it suddenly fell from the void!

Chen Ping had no time to escape and was directly hit by the huge ice block!

The body fell directly to the ground!

The ice cubes also crashed down, creating a huge deep pit!

Chen Ping’s body was directly embedded in the ice!

Mu Nayi pressed his hands against the huge ice block, and streams of cold mist were still pouring into the ice!

“Mr. Chen……”

Seeing this scene, Binglu and others were all shocked!

Mu Yao finally smiled and breathed a sigh of relief!

When Ouyang Zhenhua and others saw this scene, they kept shaking their heads!

“After all, the disparity in strength is too great. How can the fourth level of the Tribulation Realm be compared with the peak level of the Tribulation Realm?”

“Hey, if given more time, I believe he will definitely become a famous genius in the world of heaven and humans. It’s a pity, it’s a pity…”

Ouyang Zhenhua’s face was full of regret!

Chen Ping is talented and very smart. He only needs time to become the leader of the world of heaven and humans!

It’s a pity that it has been exterminated now!

Chen Ping was frozen in a huge block of ice, as if he had lost his life and was motionless!

Mu Nayi was not careless, but still exuded bursts of cold mist from his hands!

This guy Chen Ping makes Mu Naiyi dare not relax!

Just when Mu Naiyi was freezing Chen Ping, no one noticed that there was also an inaudible aura spreading out from Chen Ping’s body!

This breath came from the inside out, turning the huge ice cube into milky white!

Mu Nayi looked at the ice cubes that were gradually changing in front of her. Although she was confused, she did not let go!

She had to kill him with one blow, and she couldn’t let Chen Ping have any hope of living!

Mu Nayi is still bursting out cold mist!

But soon, she suddenly felt some discomfort in her hands!

She originally practiced ice-based skills, and it was impossible for her to be cold!

But now, Mu Nayi always feels as if her hands are freezing!

“Could it be that my power exploded too quickly?”

Mu Nayi looked confused!

Because she has never been in this situation before, this is the first time!

Just when Munayi was confused, she discovered that her hands began to form frost, and the frost spread very quickly, and her entire arm was about to be frozen!

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