[The Man Decree] A Man Like None Other Chapter 3852

a man like none others

A Man Like None Other Chapter 3852


Chen Ping was also speechless. The world of heaven and those three things were still too far away for him now.

It’s a pity that none of these heavenly beings understand the sufferings of the human world.

Although the Wuji Order given by the leader of the Wuji Holy Sect is a priceless treasure to many immortals!

But for Chen Ping, it is somewhat useless and fake!

“You should take a look at the inheritance of Wuji Holy Sect. Even if it is incomplete, it must be very impressive.”

“I don’t know how long the formation outside the mansion will last. Taking advantage of this opportunity, if you can get the inheritance of Wuji Holy Sect, you don’t have to be afraid of those guys outside.”

Demon Lord Chiyun said to Chen Ping!

Chen Ping was right. Instead of complaining, it would be better to get the inheritance of Wuji Holy Sect as soon as possible!

Chen Ping took the Wuji Order, and then a burst of spiritual power penetrated it!


The next moment, Chen Ping’s mind roared, and then his sea of ​​consciousness trembled.

A majestic information continues to pour into Chen Ping’s sea of ​​consciousness. This inheritance is very large and complex!

When Chen Ping was receiving the inheritance, a beam of light seemed to fall from the sky and hit Chen Ping!

This moment made Chen Ping feel extremely comfortable!

Chen Ping didn’t feel that the Wuji Holy Sect’s inheritance was of much use, but the beam of light attracted by the inheritance was filled with majestic energy.

Chen Pingyuan turned to the Heart Condensation Technique and began to absorb it without hesitation!

The immortal spirit liquid has been absorbed by the leader of the Wuji Holy Sect. Chen Ping will not let go of the aura brought by this beam of light now!

Chen Ping absorbed it crazily!

At this moment, Mu Yao and several members of the Mu family were squatting outside the mansion!

Mu Yao was very anxious at this time!

“Miss, I don’t know if you have received the message. Why haven’t you come yet?”

Mu Yao said anxiously!

“Uncle Mu, look quickly…”

At this time, someone discovered that a beam of light seemed to fall from the sky and shine into the mansion!

Mu Yao looked at the light, his expression became more and more solemn!

“I wonder what kind of adventure this kid will have inside. The aura in this beam of light is very powerful. Maybe he is absorbing the inheritance of immortal magic.”

“We can’t wait any longer. I’m going to find the eldest lady. You two should keep watch. As soon as Chen Ping comes out, don’t force yourself and let me know.”

Mu Yao can’t wait any longer!

But he can’t break the mansion formation now, so he can only wait for Mu Nayi to come!

Now that Mu Naiyi has not shown up, Mu Yao is getting anxious!

“Understood!” Several members of the Mu family nodded!

Only then did Mu Yao go to Mu Nayi with peace of mind. If he waited for Chen Ping to absorb the immortal magic inheritance, it would be too late!

When Mu Yao was looking for Mu Naiyi, Mu Naiyi had already returned to the sect’s main hall.

Here, Mu Nayi met Binglu and others, who were waiting for Chen Ping here!

Because Mu Nai Yi personally killed several saints before, Bing Lu and others now hate Mu Nai Yi to the core!

Lan Yingying also glared at Mu Nayi. As an elder of Guanghan Palace, she actually attacked the Saint of Guanghan Palace so cruelly. Damn it!

“You guys, come with me now.”

Mu Nayi glanced at Binglu and the others and said!

No one from Binglu and the others spoke, they all glared at Mu Nayi!

“Didn’t you hear? I order you as an elder.”

Mu Nayi said coldly!

“Bah, you killed so many of our sisters and you still want to order us. You are no longer the elder of Guanghan Palace.”

Binglu spat hard at Mu Nayi!

Mu Naiyi was not angry, and said coldly: “You come with me, and I will spare your life. If you let me do it, you know the consequences.”

Mu Naiyi is at the peak of the Tribulation Realm, and Binglu and the others are no match at all!

But Binglu and others are not afraid at all!

“Hmph, if you can, kill us. Even if you die, we won’t follow you.”

After Binglu finished speaking, she held the Frost Sword in her hand and put on a desperate stance!

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