[The Man Decree] A Man Like None Other Chapter 3775

a man like none others

A Man Like None Other Chapter 3775-Poof!

Chen Ping swung his sword, and the terrifying sword light combined with the fire, instantly cut off the head of a monster!

The head rolled to the ground, and the pole stone in his mouth also fell out!

Chen Ping waved, and the stone was in Chen Ping’s hand!

This pole stone is cold to the touch, but it still carries a slight electric current. This should be the effect of the magnetic field!

Seeing their companions being killed, all the other monsters went crazy and kept rushing towards Chen Ping!

However, it was all in vain. The monsters that rushed in front of Chen Ping all became dead souls under the sword!

The pole stones in his mouth also fell one after another, and were picked up by Chen Ping!

There were more than a dozen monsters, but only one was left. It looked at Chen Ping in horror, not daring to attack again!

This demonic beast slowly lay down, showing its surrender, and even took the initiative to spit out the pole stone in its mouth!

Seeing this, Chen Ping stepped forward, picked up the pole stone, and stroked the monster!

The monster remained motionless and very docile!

In front of the strong, only absolute obedience and meekness can survive!

It seems that this monster is very smart!

Chen Ping looked at the docile monsters and then at the dead monsters, and couldn’t help feeling a little emotional!

In fact, he had no grudges with these monsters, it was just to get the pole stone!

This is the case in the world of gods and humans. For the sake of resources and interests, people can ignore family ties!

Not to mention between humans and monsters!

There are no eternal friends, only eternal interests!

Chen Ping did not kill the last monster. He turned around and was about to leave, but just after taking two steps, he suddenly stopped!

Since these monsters can find the Extreme Stone and use it to practice, Chen Ping can completely use these monsters to find the Extreme Stone!

And Chen Ping can still ride on this monster, which is a lot easier!

It’s difficult to fly in this place, so you can find a mount!

Chen Ping turned around and walked towards the monster again. The monster’s eyes clearly showed fear!

“You don’t have to be afraid, I won’t kill you. You take me to find the Extreme Stone now. Once I have recruited enough Extreme Stones, I will release you and give you some Extreme Stones to practice with.”

Chen Ping said to the monster!

The monster understood Chen Ping’s words and nodded vigorously!

Chen Ping sat directly on the monster’s body. The monster’s whole body was furry, and it felt warm when he sat on it!

The monster took Chen Ping, and after walking for a while, the metal rod in Chen Ping’s hand reacted again!

Immediately afterwards, the monster used its huge claws to peel away the snow, revealing several fist-sized pole stones underneath!

Chen Ping threw the pole stone directly into the storage ring!

In this way, with this monster, Chen Ping found more and more pole stones, there were already hundreds of them, and he was very comfortable sitting on the monster!

However, Chen Ping has never found the pole stone mine. After searching for a few stones like this, when will he be able to find the quantity for Guanghan Palace?

But it seems that this monster doesn’t know where a large number of pole stones are located.

One day has passed like this!

Chen Ping followed Binglu and the others and reunited!

Seeing Chen Ping riding a monster, many saints felt very strange!

“Mr. Chen, what kind of monster are you riding?”

Binglu asked curiously!

“I don’t know. I was too tired from walking, so I caught one and rode on it!”

Chen Ping said casually!

“This is the Snow Bear Monster, the most common monster in the polar regions. However, the Snow Bear Monster has a docile personality and generally will not attack unless they themselves are threatened.”

At this time, Lan Yingying said!

Lan Yingying actually hasn’t been able to come out this whole day. As a big girl, she was stripped naked by Chen Ping in public, touched and looked at, and she couldn’t accept it in her heart!

But she also knows that Chen Ping cannot be blamed for this, Chen Ping also wanted to save her!

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