[The Man Decree] A Man Like None Other Chapter 3774

a man like none others

A Man Like None Other Chapter 3774-“Mr. Chen, what is this?”

Looking at the metal rod in Chen Ping’s hand, Binglu asked curiously!

“This is a detector. Where there is a pole stone, the magnetic field will become stronger and the metal rod will react.”

“Now let’s work separately. This place is too big. If we continue to search like this, we don’t know how long it will take.”

“You go all the way with the detector, and I’ll go all the way by myself!”

“But the distance can’t be too far, just a hundred miles apart. That way, if you are in danger, I can support you at any time!”

Chen Ping gave Binglu a detection rod and several jade slips for sound transmission!

And the method of using the detection rod was handed over to Binglu!

“Mr. Chen, just be careful. After all, people from the Mu family are looking for you everywhere.”

Binglu warned Chen Ping!

Chen Ping nodded and then left!

Binglu and the others also started to take action, looking for the pole stone everywhere!

Not long after they separated, the metal rod in Chen Ping’s hand shook slightly!

Chen Ping was delighted!

“I found the pole stone…”

Chen Ping was very happy in his heart, and slowly moved forward. The metal rod shook more and more violently, and slowly changed its direction!

Chen Ping followed the guidance of the metal rod and explored again!

After walking for more than ten miles like this, the metal rod stopped shaking, as if it was absorbed by something and stopped instantly!

Chen Ping knew that this should be the location of Jishi!

But looking at the frequency of the metal rod shaking, it seems that the magnetic field is not very big!

Chen Ping looked around and found that except for small raised snow packs, there seemed to be nothing around!

No one has ever seen Jishi. If Jishi was not big, it would have been buried under thick snow by now. How to find it?

Just when Chen Ping didn’t know what to do, suddenly those little snow bags moved!

Immediately afterwards, huge monsters appeared!

“Holy shit…”

Chen Ping was surprised. It turned out that these snow packs were formed by these monster beasts lying on the ground, covered with thick snow!

I saw more than a dozen monster beasts roaring at Chen Ping, spewing out streams of cold air from their mouths!

These monsters did not attack Chen Ping, they just roared, as if to scare Chen Ping and prevent him from approaching their territory!

Chen Ping took a closer look and found that there were several fist-sized stones where these monsters lay!

It’s just that these stones are also snow-white, and it seems that the shapes of snowflakes can be seen inside!

“Is that the pole stone?”

Chen Ping was very happy. If he didn’t look carefully, it would be difficult to find it!

These dozen monster beasts all have stones like this under their bodies!

Chen Ping took a few steps forward, wanting to take a closer look!

But when the dozen monster beasts saw Chen Ping continue to move forward, their roars became even louder!

“I just want the rocks under you and don’t want to hurt you. You’d better leave!”

Chen Ping said to those monsters!

These monsters are only in the seventh level of the Tribulation Realm. Chen Ping is not afraid at all even if he faces a dozen of the seventh level demonic beasts in the Tribulation Realm!


A monster bared its teeth and blew out a breath of cold air at Chen Ping!

Chen Ping’s body instantly felt a wave of heat, which directly blocked the cold air!

The monster started to attack, and Chen Ping was not polite!

I saw Chen Ping taking out the Dragon-Slaying Sword, and the fire was rising from the Dragon-Slaying Sword!

Most of the monsters here belong to the ice system. The reason why they hold the pole stone under their bodies is probably because they are practicing!

It’s just that Chen Ping used a metal rod to find this place and disturbed the cultivation of these monsters!

Looking at the ultimate fire on Chen Ping’s dragon-slaying sword, the eyes of the dozens of monster beasts showed a bit of fear!

But they didn’t run away, they held the pole stone in their mouths one after another, and then launched an attack on Chen Ping!

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