[The Man Decree] A Man Like None Other Chapter 3773

a man like none others

A Man Like None Other Chapter 3773-“To be honest, Mr. Chen, there are no immortal treasures in this polar region, only various polar stones. These polar stones are very important resources for our Guanghan Palace.”

“Of course, this kind of pole stone is also a very important resource for the Mu family, because this kind of pole stone is helpful for those who practice ice-based skills.”

“After discovering that there are pole stones in the polar regions, the Mu family cooperated with our Guanghan Palace and wanted to find them together and then distribute them!”

“It’s just that the Mu family is stronger than our Guanghan Palace, and the Mu family has come to our Guanghan Palace to become elders. It’s obvious that they don’t trust us.”

“The reason why the Palace Master spread the news that the Pole is the place where immortals fell is to attract more people to come to the Pole, and also to find more monks to help us in Guanghan Palace.”

“Because there is only chaos in Jiji, our Guanghan Palace will have a chance. As long as we find Jishi resources, we Guanghan Palace will no longer have to look at other people’s faces!”

Binglu said clearly!

Chen Ping looked at Binglu blankly. It was obvious that Binglu had known everything for a long time, and if she dared to tell herself everything, she must have been instructed by the palace master!

Now that we have reached the extreme, many sects and aristocratic families have been deceived, so there is no need to hide it from Chen Ping!

Chen Ping now understands that even if he does not appear in Guanghan Palace and does not kill Mukui, Guanghan Palace and the Mu family will collapse sooner or later!

Coming here is just an opportunity for Guanghan Palace to fall out with the Mu family in advance!

“What is this pole stone?”

Chen Ping asked!

Binglu shook her head: “I don’t know either, I haven’t seen it before. The palace master accidentally discovered it in this place.”

“That time, the palace master was seriously injured and had to recover for a long time.”

When Chen Ping heard this, he was a little surprised. The palace owner of Guanghan Palace was a Mahayana monk. If she was injured in the polar regions, wouldn’t it mean that if a monk like them came to the Tribulation Realm, she would die?

Binglu saw Chen Ping’s doubts and quickly explained: “The palace master was injured that time because he mistakenly entered the borderland of chaos. This polar area is the borderland.”

“And there are no obvious features or obstacles on this border. If you stray into the chaos of the border, you may be dead.”

“The Palace Master said she just took a few steps by mistake and barely escaped!”

After saying this, Chen Ping finally understood that in the chaotic land on the border, even if the powerful immortals entered, there would be no bones left!

There is nothing much to say about the Mahayana realm of the Palace Master!

“You go and rest, we will continue our journey tomorrow!”

Chen Ping sent Binglu away!

But Chen Ping himself fell into confusion. He didn’t know where the pole stone was, and he didn’t have a map. Where to find it in the vast white snow!

If it is the place where an immortal fell, you can also find the exact location based on the intensity of the immortal energy!

Now they don’t know what the Extreme Stone is, let alone the aura of the Extreme Stone. Where can they find it?

Just when Chen Ping was at a loss, Demon Lord Chiyun said: “The pole stone should be caused by the magnetic field. To find the pole stone, you only need to look for the place with the strongest magnetic field!”

“magnetic field……”

After listening to Demon Lord Chiyun, Chen Ping started rummaging through the storage ring!

Chen Ping didn’t sleep that night and started making things to find magnetic fields!

Chen Ping and the others can only detect the surrounding objects and feel the surrounding aura with their spiritual consciousness, but the magnetic field cannot detect it!

Now we can only rely on equipment to find the places with the strongest magnetic fields.

By the time it got light, Chen Ping already had two more metal rods in his hand!

The ends of the metal rod have been made sharp.

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