[The Man Decree] A Man Like None Other Chapter 3719

a man like none others

A Man Like None Other Chapter 3719-“Are you planning to steal it openly?”

Chen Ping smiled coldly!

“Yes, I will rob you, what can you do? I tell you, money is an external possession, be careful not to lose your life because of money!”

“If you lose your life, then…”

Before Shenjizi finished speaking, he discovered that Chen Ping was missing!

Then a black shadow flashed in front of him, and Shenjizi felt his breath stagnant, and he was a little out of breath!

I saw that Chen Ping was already in front of him, holding Shen Jizi’s neck with one hand!

Shenjizi’s eyes widened with disbelief!

After all, he was also a fifth-level monk in the Tribulation Realm. He didn’t even have time to react before he was controlled by Chen Ping, a third-level monk in the Tribulation Realm!

“No one has ever dared to steal my money…”

Chen Ping’s eyes were cold, and streams of aura were constantly coming out of his hands!

Shen Jizi’s whole body was suppressed by this aura, and he could not move at all. Moreover, he felt that the soul in his body was not peeling off bit by bit!

Shenjizi panicked, knowing that he had met a master.

How could someone who could take out more than a dozen purple gold spirit coins at once be an ordinary monk?


Shen Jizi regretted it so much that cold sweat kept dripping from his forehead!

“Fellow Taoist, this fellow Taoist is merciful. I’m not lying to you. I really know the way to Guanghan Palace, and it’s absolutely safe.”

“I can take you to Guanghan Palace and return all your money to you.”

“I hope fellow Taoists will be noble and spare my life. I have parents who are hundreds of years old and children who are dozens of years old. They all rely on me to support them…”

As Shenjizi spoke, he actually started crying…

Chen Ping didn’t want to kill him. It wasn’t worth it for a dozen purple gold spirit coins!

“Do you really know the way to Guanghan Palace?”

Chen Ping asked!

Since there is no way to register at the reception desk, Chen Ping can only go to Guanghan Palace by himself. It would be best if someone leads the way!

“Really, if I tell a lie, five thunderbolts will strike from the sky, and I will be struck to death by thunder and calamity, and I will never be reborn again.”

Shen Jizi hurriedly swore!

When Chen Ping saw this, he let go of Shen Jizi.

Shenjizi was breathing heavily, feeling like he was surviving a disaster!

“I’ll pay you back the money first, and then I’ll take you there…”

With that said, Shen Jizi went to pay for it!

“No need, if you take me to Guanghan Palace, the money will be your fee!”

Chen Ping waved his hand and said generously!

When Shen Jizi heard this, his eyes suddenly shone, and he patted his chest and promised: “Don’t worry, fellow Taoist, I will definitely take you to Guanghan Palace, and it will be fast and safe!”

Shenjizi took Chen Ping out of Nanjue City, and then arrived at the foot of Tianmo Mountain. It was all covered with white snow, and it was endless as far as the eye could see!

Shen Jizi did not take Chen Ping up the mountain, but continued walking south along the foot of the mountain!

Chen Ping was a little surprised. The Guanghan Palace was on the mountain, but this genius didn’t take him up the mountain!

Shen Jizi also saw Chen Ping’s doubts, so he explained: “Fellow Taoist, I have my own secret passage. I can go to Guanghan Palace, but I can only go to the outer gate. If I want to enter the outer gate, I have to think about it myself.” There’s a way.”

“I have no business entering the outer gate, let alone meeting the Palace Master of Guanghan Palace. That’s all my bragging!”

Shen Jizi told it truthfully. He knew how powerful Chen Ping was, so how could he dare to hide it from Chen Ping!

“It doesn’t matter, you just need to take me to Guanghan Palace!”

Chen Ping said calmly!

As long as you find Guanghan Palace, find a way to meet the palace owner, and get the Heavenly Demon Stone, you’ll be fine!

Chen Ping didn’t want to stay in Guanghan Palace for a long time, nor did he want to cause trouble to Na Mukui. After all, his status was not suitable for staying in one place for a long time!

If the identity is exposed, the follow-up will be very troublesome!

The Demon Sealing Alliance’s killing order indeed brought a lot of inconvenience to Chen Ping!

“One day, I will definitely destroy the Demon Sealing Alliance!”

Chen Ping thought to himself!

However, with his current strength, it is simply impossible to destroy the Demon Sealing Alliance!

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