[The man decree] A man like none other chapter 3469

A man like none other chapter 3469-“Overcoming the tribulation?” Qi Peijia was also stunned. Then he looked at Chen Ping in mid-air and understood instantly, “You have been fooled. I am the one who overcame the tribulation. Are you blind?”

As soon as Qi Peijia said that, Zou Qi and others were looking in the air!

I found that Chen Ping had changed his appearance at this time, with golden armor covering his whole body, and a terrifying aura spreading around!

The whole person is like a god of war, his eyes are wide open, a golden dragon appears behind him, and he keeps making dragon roars!

The golden dragon roared and rushed towards the Heavenly Mysterious Thunder Tribulation, opened its bloody mouth, and actually swallowed the Heavenly Mysterious Thunder Tribulation directly!

Chen Ping’s eyes flashed, and the original stars in his body kept flashing. The thunder and lightning origin stars emitted a dazzling light, and the thunder and lightning origin was also surging crazily!

A huge suction force began to absorb the original aura in that day’s Xuan Lei Tribulation!

Seeing all this, Zou Qi was dumbfounded. He didn’t expect that Qi Peijia just turned out to be Chen Ping!

It’s all his fault. He was attacked by a monster at that time. He was so frightened that he didn’t notice it!

And Qi Peijia looked confused when he looked at Chen Ping in mid-air!

“How is it possible? He is just a first-level monk in the Tribulation Realm. How could he trigger the Tianxuan Thunder Tribulation? This is impossible…”

“What the hell is going on? Who is this guy?”

Qi Peijia was a little confused!

Ever since he had an unexpected encounter in the Demon Swallowing Cave, he has always thought that he was the most talented person on the Demonic Mountain!

But now seeing Chen Ping, Qi Peijia became deeply suspicious!

The Tianxuan Thunder Tribulation was refined and absorbed by Chen Ping, and the thunder tribulation clouds in the sky were slowly dissipating!

As the thunder cloud dissipated, a colorful ray of light shot directly into the sky from the hall!

The colorful brilliance shines on Chen Ping’s body, making Chen Ping’s golden armor even more dazzling!

Chen Ping looked down and saw that the colorful brilliance was emanating from the spirit beast egg!

To be precise, it is no longer a spirit beast egg, but a little guy only the size of a palm!

The little guy is shaped like a lion, with something like antlers on his head, and his whole body is furry!

Chen Ping slowly fell from the air. After taking a long breath, he stared at the little guy in front of him!

“Little Qilin Beast, not bad…”

Chen Ping looked over carefully and then laughed!

Chen Ping reached out and touched the little Qilin beast, but as soon as he touched it, the little guy bit his finger, and blood flowed out!

“Damn, I’m your master and you bite me?”

Chen Ping quickly retracted his hand and glared at the little unicorn beast!

The little Qilin beast licked the blood flowing out of Chen Ping, and then let out a roar!

With such a small body, the roar resounded throughout the entire mountain. The terrifying aura almost made Chen Ping fall to the ground!

And the little Qilin Beast began to emit golden light, and a familiar aura rushed towards Chen Ping!

“Isn’t this my breath?”

Chen Ping was stunned for a moment, and then he suddenly realized that the little Qilin beast that bit him just now was trying to swallow his blood to recognize its master, so that the little Qilin beast would have Chen Ping’s aura!

“I’m sorry, I wrongly blamed you, but your small body can’t be used as a mount.”

“For you, I almost exhausted my body, and now I don’t even have the strength to walk.”

Chen Ping took the little unicorn beast in his hand and said helplessly!

The little Qilin Beast actually stuck out its tongue at Chen Ping, turned around and ran back to the storage ring!

When Chen Ping saw this, he could only smile helplessly and didn’t care about it. He couldn’t let a palm-sized unicorn carry him!

Just keep it for now and it will grow up over time!

By the time I have a spiritual beast mount, I’m afraid I’ll have to fight in the world of heaven and humans!

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