[The man decree] A man like none other chapter 3217

A man like none other chapter 3217-Ji Lianjun was also stunned, and then asked: “Xiannephew, you said you walked out of the illusion array on your own?” “

    Yes!” Ji Yun nodded!

    “How is it possible? This illusory formation cost a lot of money and was set up by a formation master. How could it come out so easily?”

    Ji Lianjun murmured to himself, somewhat unbelievable!

    “Uncle, Mr. Chen is a high-level formation master. As for the magic formation, he is very knowledgeable, so this kind of magic formation will not be difficult for us at all.”

    Ji Yun said truthfully!

    Ji Lianjun looked at Chen Ping in disbelief. Chen Ping looked so young, but he was actually an array master?

    “Master Ji, although your illusion array is good, it is also full of loopholes. If you encounter someone who uses the array, it can be broken in minutes.” “So while I was inside, I slightly changed the illusion

    array. , making this illusory formation even more difficult to break through.”

    Chen Ping said, handing over to Ji Lianjun!

    “What, you changed the magic array?” Ji Lianjun was shocked, and then said: “Cheng’er, go and see your two sisters. After the two of them went in, the magic array was changed. I’m afraid it’s them The two of them can’t get out.”

    Ji Cheng felt embarrassed. Now that the magic formation has changed, he can’t get out even if he goes in, so Ji Cheng looked at Chen Ping.

    Chen Ping instantly understood what it meant, so he told Ji Cheng the formula!

    “As long as you follow the instructions, you won’t get lost…”

    Chen Ping said!

    Ji Cheng nodded and ran out!

    Soon, Ji Cheng walked in with Ji Meiyan and Ji Meiling!

    When the two girls saw Chen Ping and the others, they were immediately surprised!

    “How did you get out?” Ji Meiyan asked in confusion!

    “Shut up.” Ji Lianjun snorted coldly: “You two are too presumptuous. You did this to your sixth brother just after he arrived. Is this the way to treat guests?” “Hurry up and give it to your sixth brother

    . Apologize, and this Mr. Chen is a master of formations, so the illusion formation cannot trap them at all.” “

    And this Mr. Chen also changed the formation a bit to make it more perfect, otherwise How could you be trapped in there?”

    When Ji Meiyan and Ji Meiling heard this, they were immediately surprised. They did not expect that Chen Ping was actually a formation master at such a young age!

    However, the two of them also knew that they had gone too far, so they hurriedly walked up to Ji Yun and said, “Sixth brother, I’m really sorry. We were wrong. We didn’t mean to punish you.” Ji Yun stood up in a hurry and said, “

    Sister Second sister, this is just a little joke, I don’t care.”

    Then the two of them went to Chen Ping and Huo Feng to apologize, and their attitudes were very sincere, not as naughty as they were at the beginning!

    It can be seen that Ji Lianjun’s tutoring is very strict this year!

    “My dear nephew, how is your father? I never thought that after so many years, he would be able to raise such a sensible son like you.” “

    Your father was the most naughty when he was young, and your grandfather also loved him the most. After he left, he was so For many years, your grandfather has thought about it for so many years.”

    Ji Lianjun looked a little sad when he mentioned the past!

    Ji Yun felt ashamed when he heard Ji Lianjun’s words!

    I know best what he was like before. He was just a playboy, who didn’t know what a director was!

    It was only after following Chen Ping that Ji Yun’s temper gradually changed!

    “Uncle, my father is very good. Now he has built a Feitian Sect and runs an airship business.” “

    If it hadn’t been for some problems in the Feitian Sect recently, my father would have wanted to join us.”

    “Uncle, I don’t know how my grandfather is doing now. I want to see him…”

    Ji Yun asked Ji Lianjun!

    When Ji Yun heard that Ji Yun wanted to see the old man, Ji Lianjun hesitated!

    But at this moment, a servant of the Ji family ran in and said: “Master, it’s not good. The old man vomited blood again. Now the three pharmacists are unable to do anything.”

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