The Luna Choosing Game Chapter 429

The Luna Choosing Game

The Luna Choosing Game Chapter 429- | was blessed to have actual friends here. People who loved and cared for Elva for real.

Meanwhile, Julian, still watching Bridget and Nicholas interact, continued, “Bridget is a movie star. We can’t think she’d be happy sitting around all day in the palace while Nicholas deals with kingly duties. She’s going to need adventure. Excitement.” “And you are the one who can deliver that?” | asked, lifting a brow at him. He flashed me a grin. “A life with me would never be boring.” | couldn’t deny that. Julian was certainly a force of chaos, even standing near him was like being caught in a hurricane. | could only imagine what it would feel like to be the one he was fully focused on, or the one he loved.

But… a hint of worry sat in the back of my heart. Julian could undoubtedly promise a life of excitement to whoever his chosen partner was. But what would that person do to deserve it?

“So you give her all of your passion, give her an adventure of a lifetime,” | said. “But what does she do for you?” Julian’s brow pulled together ever so slightly. “What do you mean?” “Relationships are give and take,” | said. “You would give her everything. Shouldn’t she bring something to your life as well?” “She wouldn’t have to,” Julian said. “She’s perfect just as she is. It’s an honor simply to be around her.” That, to me, sounded very dull. If what he said was true, then what was the difference between Bridget and something like a nice-looking statue?

Maybe Julian would be better off adopting a cat.

1/3 “You deserve betrar,” | said.

where fan’t anything or anyone better than Bridget Julian said.

lanorted a harsh laugh. At his sharp look, | tried to turn it into a cough to cover. His eyes narrowed with suspicion.

“Have you even tried looking?” | said, “You’ve been a playboy since I’ve known you. Did you ever look at even one of those girls seriously?” | already knew he hadn’t. His heart had always been so set on Bridget, that he treated those other girls like temporary playthings. Maybe they were in on it, maybe they weren’t. But he was never serious with any of them.

If he had given someone else a chance, maybe she could have shown him what a romance was supposed to look like. Waiting for true love was fine, but this, to me, didn’t seem like true love.

It seemed like obsession. “| don’t need anyone but her,” he said.

Sadness bloomed in my heart. Julian, for all his flaws, was a nice guy and incredibly handsome. He could have any woman in the kingdom, except for this one.

Then, all of a sudden, an idea flashed in my mind. Maybe what Julian needed wasn’t to find someone serious, but to simply realize what a relationship was supposed to be like.

To have someone like you for you. For that person to be so excited to see you that they go through anything. For them to bring joy and excitement to the person’s life they cared about, as much as they received it from them.

And who better to show Julian than the woman he was already in a fake relationship with?


2/3 Ewald, turning to him.

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“What are you saying?” he asked. | pointed at myself. “I’m going to show you.” Now he was surprised. “You?” “Yes,” | said. “I’m going to show you what love is suppgaecttd iGokike.”

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