The Luna Choosing Game Chapter 426

The Luna Choosing Game

The Luna Choosing Game Chapter 426-Since we needed special costumes for the event, the candidates, Julian, and Nicholas all attended a group fitting in one of the larger sitting rooms. This large room had several smaller rooms connected, where individuals could go to change or have more personal measurements taken.

My costume was a darker hue, since | was apparently a villain. The seamstress working with me also indicated that Bridget wanted me to wear a domino mask over my eyes. The seamstress said it would help me look mysterious, but | wondered if it was to help hide my terrible acting.

| could read lines okay, but | never could get my face to make the correct emotions. Except, of course, during the rejection scene with Nicholas. | wouldn’t be surprised if Bridget wanted me to remove the mask for that one scene alone.

Across the room, Bridget was personally helping Elva with her flower girl costume. Nicholas was there too. Elva would pick ribbons for her hair then hold them up for Nicholas to see. He smiled and nodded at each one.

At the same time, he was being fitted for a bright white cape that would be impossible to keep clean under normal circumstances.

Movement sounded to my right. | expected Veronica or Tiffany or even Julian to have made their way over to me, but | startle when | realize Susie is the one who stepped into the open space beside me.

She was calm, if not a bit curious looking around, taking in everything she missed.

| desperately wanted to talk to her, to find out everything going on with her, but with so many people around, | was afraid to open my mouth in case. someone might overhear me.

Glancing at me, she must have caught the conflict on my face. 115 “We’re keeping things private until we can figure out the best way forward,” she said softly to me, giving me a kind smile. It was a relief to see her so happy, after the misery she’d been through the past few days.

Leaning closer, she whispered, “But we are going to stay together no matter what.” It would be difficult for them. They’d have lots of challenges. But | was so pleased for them. If they truly loved each other, they would make it through the hardship. They’d make it work, and they’d be a happy little family.

“I’m glad you’re back,” | told her.

Her smile grew wider. At least, it did, until she looked back over the rest of the group and her gaze snagged on Bridget helping Elva tie ribbons in her hair. With Nicholas so close and attentive beside them, they looked like their own little family.

It made my stomach twist into knots.

“That’s… new,” Susie said.

“Yes,” | replied.

Susie glanced at me sideways. “Are you’re okay with it?” | shrugged. Of course not, but, “What choice do | have? Elva is enjoying herself. Nicholas says Bridget is trustworthy. How can | pull Elva away without being a complete and total asshole to all of them?” Susie went quiet. | didn’t know what else to say either.

A tailor came over to help Susie with her costume. Since she had taken my place as the maid, her outfit was fairly straightforward, a simple maid outfit with an apron and a lace headband. They just needed her general size.

The pregnancy was still early. She wouldn’t show for some time. | wondered how long she and Mark could keep it a secret. As long as they could, | imagined.

Just then, Elva came running over to us, her ribbons bouncing along behind her.

“Mommy! Susie! Look!” Her dress was bouncy layers with lace and ribbons that matched the ones in her hair. She gave us a spin so we could see the full effect. The colors trailed along behind her.

She was absolutely adorable, a vision in pink and purples. And her bright smile was the best part. Nicholas had been right to want to include her in the play, and | was once again grateful to him for his insight and kindness.

“You look beautiful,” | said.

“Nick-lass helped pick the colors,” Elva said. She tugged at the ribbons in her hair a little, trying to pull them closer to her face to see them. “Auntie tied them.” My thoughts skidded to an abrupt halt. Auntie?

The only person Elva called aunt was Anna. | would have been fine if she’d wanted to use the term for Susie, or Charlotte, or even Veronica. But… Bridget? They’d only just met.

Nicholas might have said that Bridget was trustworthy but… to already be so close to warrant such a nickname? It felt like too much, too soon, from someone | wasn’t sure had Elva’s best interest at heart, regardless of what Nicholas said. Susie and | shared a quick look. Susie looked worried. Good. | was glad | wasn’t the only one, then.

| cleared my throat. None of this was Elva’s fault, and | didn’t want to come off too harshly and hurt her accidentally. She was such a sweet little girl, always looking to please people.

So, very gently, | asked her, “Auntie?” Her bright smile faltayed slightly, which made saw mega cinemas le dia Was feeling confident about the theme, the world counter totent “Bree jet Wanted me to call her that.” “Piper!” Bridget sald brightly as die rushed over. “Wir do you think of little Elva’s outfit? Isn’t she a perfect doll?” She wasn’t a doll, she was a girl. “Did you Sak talve to call you butler asked. Elva’s clear discamfart derof al my protecti ‘Rertiarts. My impulse for politeness was firmly out the window.

Bridget laughed lightly, “Oh, yes I’m so sorry, Piper Tolyat | meant to ask you if it was okay first. But then | was helping the with Nicholes.” was She turned around to point out Nicholes, who we cautiously watching us from a few. feet away while NR BROKE gilhiSown tailor. He tdert his ne cape over her shoulders, and looked rather handsome in it. He’d out quite the figure as a dashing hero in the play. The audience would be pleased

I’d be pleased to see him like that too. But not right now. Now | had problems that all began and ended with Bridget.

“Nicholas was helping too,” Bridget continued. “Did you notice us? It was such a sweet little Once, f iliandike weve ea family or something.” She laughed again, light and airy as a twinkle of a bell “Could you imagine? Oh, what a beautiful possibility.”

“Elva is my daughter,” | reminded her.

“Oh, | know,” she said smoothly. “That’s why | asked her to call me Auntie. | thought she could call Nicholas Uncle, but we’re still working on that.” Uncle?

“Nick-lass is Nick—lass,” Elva said, and crossed her arms.

“lll convince you someday,” she said with a wink.

“| don’t think so,” | said. | crossed my arms too, mimicking my daughter Bridget just smiled wider. “Oh, Piper. Elva is so cute, | couldn’t help but want to be her Auntie. You must understand, since she is your daughter. Surely it’s okay, right?”

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