The Luna Choosing Game Chapter 408

The Luna Choosing Game

The Luna Choosing Game Chapter 408-The next morning, Julian showed up at my door. | had only just changed out of my pajamas. Elva was still in hers. “| want to escort you to breakfast,” he said.

| blinked. “Breakfast?” Usually the royal family avoided breakfasts and lunches with the candidates, unless there was an event. The meals were typically entirely informal. It gave the girls a while to let their hair down and get to know each other without having to be on to impress anyone.

14 Julian’s presence would change that dynamic. Though maybe most of the girls would appreciate more chances to speak with him. Tiffany would like it, anyway. Veronica too. Susie would, just because she thought Julian could be funny.

Yet, | suspected Julian’s sudden desire to attend the informal breakfasts had everything to do with Bridget and nothing to do with anyone else.

In the end, | didn’t even have to confront him about his intentions. All | had to do was lift a single brow.

“| want to try to make Bridget jealous again. This time without Nicholas. around.” Julian looked so young when he seemed so unsure. It was difficult to look at him. He was like a different person. | didn’t like it. “Maybe it will work this time.” “Julian…” “We have to try,” he said. “It will be good publicity for us, anyway?” | wasn’t so sure. Our publicity hadn’t looked great since Julian started chasing Bridget around like a lost little puppy. | was willing to bet that his fans among the commoners weren’t feeling so great about his behavior either.

Still, the sooner Bridget flatout rejected him, maybe the sooner he would go back to being himself. “Alright,” | said, sighing/and went to finish helping Elva get ready.

Julian escorted Elva and me down into the dining room for breakfast. Everyone seemed a bit surprised when Julian entered in beside me, but no one said a word other than hello.

Tiffany slid over to make room for Jullan in his usual spot, but as soon as he spotted Bridget sitting near Olivia and Lilliana, he physically dragged me that way “Sorry,” | whispered toward Tiffany as we passed. Julian didn’t even glance at her, or at Veronica, or Susie, who were all trying to say hello.

With Bridget around, Julian had laser—focus. | wasn’t even sure he remembered me and Elva.

“Mommy,” Elva said as she hurried along with his. This pace was fast for her little legs. “Susie is over there!” “| know, sweetheart,” | told her. “But Julian wants us to sit over here today.” Elva pouted a little. She mumbled, more to herself than to me. “I don’t want to sit here.” | couldn’t scold her for that. Honestly, | didn’t want to sit over here either.

Julian stopped us at Bridget’s side. Fortunately there were three open spots to her left side. Julian immediately plopped into the open seat beside her.

| rolled my eyes as | helped Elva into her chair, and then settled into mine between Elva and Julian.

“Hello, Bridget,” Julian said.

| leaned forward to see around him. “Hi, Bridget.” “Hello to you both.” She gave us both a big, movie star smile, bright as flashing camera bulbs. “How are you both today?” “I’m well, thank you,” | started to say, but Julian talked over me, “How are you?” “I’m fine.” She started to turn back to Olivia and Lilliana, like she meant to talk to them and not the prince sitting beside her. The content is on NovelDrama.Org! Read the latest chapter there!

Julian glanced at me, a bit of hopelessness in his eyes. God, | hated it. And | hated how it made my heart ache. Julian was not meant to ever have that look on his face. The content is on NovelDrama.Org! Read the latest chapter there!

Yet, even if he didn’t…

How jaded was Bridget for her not to want to engage in conversation with a prince who clearly wanted to talk to her. | understood they were old friends, but how she was acting – Ignoring Julian to talk to Olivia instead — was just plain rude.

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