The Luna Choosing Game Chapter 380

The Luna Choosing Game

The Luna Choosing Game Chapter 380-“New record?” Veronica asked.

Julian flashed a smug smile, even as he shrugged like it wasn’t a big deal. “It’s easier when you can see it. Much harder when your hands are behind your back.” I tried to smile with them. They were my friends. But it didn’t last on my lips. I was too strung out, too numb. I didn’t feel real. I didn’t feel… alive.

I felt like I died the moment Jane stabbed me, and everything since then had just been a dream.

I began to tremble.

“Piper?” I shifted against him, to look up into his face. There was softness in his eyes. He’d cleaned whatever blood had been on his face.

He was so handsome in the moonlight. Even more so than usual, somehow, though he looked the same as always. No, that wasn’t true. He looked… more defined. Like, I could see him better. Werewolf sight?

Had my senses truly been so dull all this time?

“Are you alright?” Nicholas asked me, a hint of concern lilting his words.

I reached up a hand and placed it on the side of his face. He was so warm. The cuts on the back of my hand were already healing.

“Am I alive?” I asked him.

He blinked, startled for a moment. Then, he said, “Yes,” and leaned down to press his lips to mine.

It was a chaste little kiss, but it send an explosion of joy within me. My wolf was pleased with this connection. So was I.

Something seemed to thrúm between Nicholas and I. For a moment, I could have sworn that I felt his heartbeat, not only under my hand, but racing alongside my own in my chest.

It was strange but comforting, and I sunk into the feeling for as long as I could.

Julian’s phone rang, and it ruined the moment. Nicholas and I ended our kiss, though he didn’t let me go far. Instead, he placed soft kisses first to my nose, then to my forehead.

172 “What the hell do you mean, there’s nothing there?” Julian said in disbelief.” Are you in the right place?

One second.” Julian stood and walked toward the edge of the balcony. Fear shot through me, and I reached out and snat ched his wrist. He paused a moment, looking at me in question. When he saw my face, he softened.

“I’m just looking, Piper, I swear. I’m not going anywhere.” I shook my head. I wasn’t ready to let him go. He could fall. Any of them could fall.

Julian shifted my grip so that we were holding hands instead.

“See? Now you’ve got me. No problem.” Veronica went to his other side and wrapped her arms around one of his. “I’ll hold onto him from this side, Piper.” She was giving serious consideration to my fear, unwarranted or not, and I was deeply appreciative.

Nicholas kissed my temple. “You are safe. We are all safe.” I watched warily as Julian inched closer to the edge of the balcony and peered over the edge. He still had the phone to one of his ears.

“No, I see you,” he said. “But… that doesn’t make sense. Do you see anything? Blood? A dent?

Anything?” Julian listened a moment more.

“What is it?” Nicholas asked. “What’s wrong?” When Julian returned his attention to me and Nicholas, he wore an expression of total bewilderment.

“Julian?” I asked.

“Jane is gone,” he said.

“What do you mean, gone?” Nicholas asked.

“Exactly as I said.” Julian frowned at his phone. “No body. No blood. No trace of anything. It’s like she vanished…”

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