The Luna Choosing Game Chapter 377

The Luna Choosing Game

The Luna Choosing Game Chapter 377-I stared down Jane. That knife of hers was precariously close to me, and with us handcuffed together, I couldn’t exactly make a break for it. At this point, the only thing I could do to defend myself was keep Jane talking. And in the moment, I could only think of one thing to talk about.

The photograph that had been used for Elva’s curse still bothered me. Veronica had said that the talisman would have to have significant emotional meaning to the caster of the curse. For Jane to use that photograph meant that she had emotional attachment to it, and further, to Elva.

For so long, I had thought her entirely indifferent to her daughter, but the picture of Jane and Elva had meaning for Jane.

She couldn’t have been as indifferent as I’d thought.

So as that knife came closer to my ribcage, I hastily said, “What about Elva?” Jane stilled her hand. “What about her?” “It would hurt her to lose me,” I said, banking on Jane’s secret affection.

Jane’s voice was a low growl. “She’ll get over it.” “I know you care about her…” “You don’t know anything,” Jane snapped.

“You kept that picture,” I said.

“A frivolous attachment that I am better off without,” Jane said. “Or didn’t your little turncoat mention that part? It’s the nature of the curse. The talisman was a symbol, not the actual fuel. I didn’t just sacrifice that photo…” I gasped. “You sacrificed the remainder of your feelings for Elva.” “A small price to pay.” “She’s just a child,” I said. “If you’ve ever cared for her at all -” you “I gave her up to you, Piper, so that you could give her a life. And what have done? You brought her straight back here, tied her up with this royal sham, and made her some kind of political adornment.” Jane snorted bitterly. “She’s better off dead.” “That’s not true.

“It doesn’t matter,” Jane said. “You had your chance and you blew it. Now, from the start. She will make a fine addition to the underground organization… Hawk will see to that.” “No. Nicholas would never allow that.” “He won’t have any choice.” I shook my head. “You can’t do this, Jane. You know more than anyone how that would change Elva…” “tried to keep her out,” Jane said. For a tiny, sliver of a moment, there was a hint of regret in her voice..

“Then continue to do so,” I said. I saw a thread of hope here and grabbed it with both hands. “Let me go, and I -” “Ah! You just want to be free. You don’t actually care about her.” “No, that’s not “I tire of your empty words, Piper. Just as I tire of your face. I will rid you of both!” She lunged the knife. I twisted at the last minute, and it harmlessly swiped through my dress.

I reached for her arm holding the knife and held her away. We grabbled. Like this, with the wolf contained, our strengths were more or less equal, but where my biggest hardship over the years had been dealing with overbearing customers, Jane had been preparing for war.

Her skills far outpaced my own. So though I could hold her back, I couldn’t properly predict her movements, especially as she ducked to the ground and kicked by feet straight out from under me.

I landed on my back with an oof.

Jane raised the knife, and slammed it down – straight into my thigh.

“Aaah!!” I cried out, overwhelmed by pain. It shot through my entire being that spread outwards almost, sp iking out across an invisible bond I didn’t understand.

I couldn’t move. I couldn’t catch my breath.

Blood stained my dress.

Go d, it hurt so much. The metal pressed down near to the bone, slicing through muscle and fat. I couldn’t think, but for the pain. I couldn’t move.

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