The Luna Choosing Game Chapter 369

The Luna Choosing Game

The Luna Choosing Game Chapter 369-The King and Queen watched from atop their thrones as the princes danced with and among the candidates and guests, while the cameras swooped in and out to capture all.

We kept our smiles bright, eager to show how much fun we were having – all to maintain our standing in the competition, of course.

My cheeks were starting to hurt from how big and fake I was smiling. Fake laughter sounded all around me, every contestant competing with each other for the royal family’s attention – as well as for the cameras.

Eventually, as Julian was swirling me around the dance floor, I noticed Susie standing near the edge of it. Her smile was shaky. She seemed more nervous than happy, even to pretend.

I tapped Julian on the shoulder and motioned toward Susie. “I need to talk to her.” He understood and released me. “I’ll make the rounds.” He instantly disappeared back among the dancers, with a new partner now. He switched so quickly, I didn’t even see who it was.

It didn’t really matter, though, so I hurried to Susie’s side instead. Relief covered her face the moment she noticed me.

“Piper. Thank goodness.’ “What’s going on?” I asked her.

She worried her hands together. “I can’t do this.” “Do what? Dance?” I knew she could dance. I’d seen her do the steps countless times before. She’d even taught me a few moves.

“Pretend,” she said.

I stepped beside her and we both looked out over the dance floor. From this angle, the scrunched up too-much smiling faces seemed extra unnerving. It looked like everyone had a clown mask on. Only Julian looked truly genuine, though he was the best actor.

Nicholas was dancing with Olivia, I noticed. He wasn’t smiling at all, but a prince didn’t really need to.

Olivia seemed pleased. She wasn’t overselling it.

Lilliana, meanwhile, was laughing so loudly, smile so big, that it hurt me just “Everyone looks so phony right now,” Susie said, “I know we need to try to lift the spirits of the kingdom, but… Won’t they be able to tell it’s not real?” She looked at me for guidance, and I was honored that she sought out my opinion. Only, I didn’t know what answer to give her.

Yes, most likely the people would be able to tell this was fake. Hell, even if it wasn’t, what kind of message was it truly sending? Sorry you are experiencing such strife, at least all the rich elites are still fine? It all seemed grossly inappropriate.

But… maybe, if I was being optimistic, I could see how the royal family was desperate enough to try. If part of the public unease was distrust in the stability of the royal family, showing that they could still maintain the events of the competition could be a step in the right direction.

I sighed, then met Susie’s gaze. Neither of us were political players or strategists. We were just two young women caught in a game created by people with more power than we’d ever hold.

Then I remembered Julian’s words, before he pulled me onto the dance floor.

“Maybe instead of pretending,” I told Susie now, “We could try to have fun for real,” Susie’s eyes went wide, as if surprised. Did she think we could only pretend?” How?” “We’re friends, aren’t we?” I asked.

“Of course,” she said.

“Then let’s start acting like it.” *I wrapped her arm around mine and pulled her with me toward the dance floor.

“What are we doing?” she asked, though went along with it.

“Dancing,” I said. “Forget the stuffy moves and the practiced dances. Let me show you some of the dances from my pack.” At once, I started a dance that mimics pushing a shopping cart. “Then you reach,” I said, and lifted my arm up, as if pulling an item off the shelf, then mimicked placing said item into the shopping cart. “And drop.” Susie’s eyes were wide, even as her smile grew bigger, more honest. “That looks ridiculous.” “I know,” I said. “It’s so fun. You try.” Immediately Susie began the same dance. It was a bit strange, doing such an informal dance while listening to an orchestra, but a beat was a beat. Anything was possible.

Susie mimed putting items in her imagined shopping cart and then laughed and laughed. “Wait, what if I need something heavy?” She pretended to lift something off the ground with both hands.

It was outrageous and messed up the entire beat, but it was so funny, watching Susie in her formal gown pretending to lift something heavy.

I laughed so hard I snorted.

Our antics quickly drew the attention of others.

“What’s that dance? I’ve never seen it before?” Tiffany asked, joining us.

“A shopping cart dance,” Susie said.

“Teach me!” Tiffany said. Susie eagerly agreed. A few of the guests followed along. Susie came out of her shell a bit, perhaps seeing how much they actually enjoyed it. Even Veronica joined us.

Soon, half the dance floor was with people, young and old, men and women, attempting the shopping cart dance.

“I have another one!” I announced and they all turned to me. I very carefully taught them how to do the sprinkler move, by bending one elbow and moving in a semi-circle, mimicking the movements of a lawn sprinkler.

It was another outlandish dance that made everyone laugh and want to try it.

Susie pulled me into a quick hug. “This is amazing.”.

“It is when it’s with friends.” I smiled at her.

I didn’t realize the cameras had shifted from recording the formal dancers to watching us instead. Our smiles and laughter was certainly more honest than that of the other side. More so now, in fact, since that side had begun to glare at us.

All except Nicholas, who was looking right at me, pride clear on his face. I pulled my bottom lip between my teeth, hoping to hide how wide my smile was growing in response.

Making Nicholas pride? It made something warm burn within me. For a moment, I felt like a little sun myself, full of warmth and light and happiness.

3/4 But then Olivia tugged on Nichola s’s arm, and he was forced to look away.

My sunshine dimmed somewhat.

I glanced across the room, searching for Julian. It seemed odd that he hadn’t joined us for our silly dances. That seemed like something Julian would have been first in line to try.

But I didn’t see him anywhere. Not on our half of the dancefloor, or on the other half. Not by the refreshment table. Not by the King and Queen on the throne.

He could have stepped out for a moment, I guessed, but we’d been dancing for a while.

Had that lead of his panned out? Surely he would have said something.

Then, something caught my eye. A figure in black among an assortment of bright, vibrant, jovial colors.

A stranger was wearing a tight, floor-length black gown, and a black brimmed hat with a veil that hid her face. She took a seat at one of the tables along the outer edge of the ballroom. She held a champagne glass but made no effort to drink from it.

I knew it was Jane, even from across the room.

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