The Luna Choosing Game Chapter 364

The Luna Choosing Game

The Luna Choosing Game Chapter 364-The night of the event, I could barely contain my nerves as Charlotte helped me into my golden dress.

It turned out beautifully, each layer complimenting the next. Pastel yellow, then warm creamy orange, and finally a shimmering golden that sparkled when I shifted my skirts.

Charlotte nodded, pleased. But then she said, “Don’t forget the gloves.” The gloves were the same shimmery gold. They matched the dress and the ribbons threaded through my hair, holding it up and like a crown around the top of my head.

I slipped the gloves onto my hands. I was trembling. Charlotte didn’t comment on it, she simply helped me pull the lengthy gloves up my biceps.

Then Charlotte reached for Veronica’s box. She brought it closer to me, then opened the lid. I swallowed hard as I lifted the cuff from the box. In my hands, if felt like any other kind of leather cuff bracelet. But then, without a wolf, I was likely unable to detect the magic upon it.

“Where should I put it?” I asked. My dress didn’t have pockets.

“Couldn’t you just wear it yourself?” Charlotte asked. “Since it doesn’t affect you?” I trusted Charlotte with my life, and kept her appraised on everything going on. She’d been sworn to secrecy.

I considered her suggestion, but then I shook my head. “I don’t know how well it can be detected. I don’t want to dance with someone and for them to feel it if it brushes them or something.” Charlotte nodded. “Well…” She cleared her throat. There is one spot someone shouldn’t brush against.

I blinked at her, confused.

She lifted a finger and then motioned down between her breasts.

My eyes went wide. Here I was, thinking I could hide it in my hair, or in a purse? And Charlotte was providing an entirely different, slightly scandalous, but entirely genius plan.

The bracelet cuff was malleable. I easily shoved it down flat. Then I stuffed it down my bosom. I righted my breasts, pushing them up a bit more, to further hide the cuff.

“Is it hidden?” I asked.

24 “Yes.” “Do my breasts look normal?” I asked.

“Yes.” I signed in relief. It wasn’t terribly comfortable. The leather of the cuff was jabbing the underside of my breast in an uncomfortable way. But I could live.

Besides, the dull press of the cuff was a relief. If I felt it, I could remind myself that it was there. I liked having that reassurance.

When I was finally ready, it was time to say goodnight to Elva. Elva had her back to me this entire time, despite the nanny’s gentle coaxing. Her little arms were crossed. She was still upset about being excluded.

“Elva…” I came around to see her face. There were no tears, but she was wearing a tier–one pout. It broke my entire heart and made me want to forget the entire event tonight.

But that wouldn’t help her. Or us.

I needed the points from attending tonight’s event. And I needed to catch Jane once and for all.

Staying here would only hinder both of those objectives.

“After tonight,” I said, kneeling before her, “Everything will be different. It will be safe for you again, and we can get out of this room.‘ Elva looked down sadly.


I didn’t dare hug her, afraid the cuff might affect her even from under my clothing. But I did lean forward and kiss her forehead.

“Have some fun, then get some sleep,” I said. “I’ll be back before you know it.” She didn’t respond. She just keep looking sad.

“I love you, Elva.” She sniffled. “I love you, too, Mommy.” With those words in my heart, I knew I would have the courage to do what needed doing tonight. For Elva. For me. For all of us.

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