The Luna Choosing Game Chapter 359

The Luna Choosing Game

The Luna Choosing Game Chapter 359-Slowly, Julian moved his arm forward, placing his hand onto my shoulder instead.

In my head, I commanded myself, Don’t go stiff. Don’t go stiff. Don’t go stiff.

If I cared for Julian romantically, I would be pleased by this clear sign of ownership and affection. So I tried to play the part and smile. It felt uneasy on my lips.

God, I was such a terrible liar. The cameras were likely capturing my awkwardness.

I had to try harder. I really had to sell my feelings for Julian.

I took a breath, giving myself a moment to think. If Nicholas had done this instead of Julian, how would I have reacted?

It wouldn’t be the same, but if I was playing pretend… I imagined Julian to be Nicholas, and that it was Nicholas’s arm around me.

Then I smiled for real.

Julian’s own smile slipped. He blinked, his eyes wide for a moment. He swallowed hard.

On the other side of the table, Olivia was speaking softly, asking Nicholas things such as, ” Perhaps we can try again at dinner?” Or, “Would you like to go for a walk when we are done here?” Nicholas gave no reply to either of those questions.

my breath Curious, I slanted my gaze toward him. The ferocity of his glare stole looked as if he wanted to take Julian’s head clear off his shoulders with his bare hands.

away. He Julian, seeing Nicholas’s expression as I did, just smirked wider.

A second more, and Nicholas’s gaze slid to me instead. It instantly softened. My heart turned to goo at the sight.

  1. to. es were so full of affection that I couldn’t look away even if I’d want I remembered, rather suddenly, that I wanted to. Or, at least, I was supposed to u How was my plan to dote all of i kept looking at me like that?
  2. to. my affection onto Julian supposed to work when Nicholas I knew then that I needed to speak with him again. If he knew the danger he was causing simply by looking at me like that, then surely he would stop. For the good of the kingdom, and all that… 1/2 I waited until our double date was officially over. When both Julian and Olivia were pandering to different cameras, I slunk back into the shadows and asked Nicholas, “Can we talk?” He didn’t say anything, just nodded, and led me toward the foyer. A series of closets lined one wall. There was chatter around, but no one in the direct vicinity. No one would see us talking here. “You have to stop,” I said. He stared at me. He didn’t say a word. Maybe he was waiting for me to clarify myself. “You look at me like you love me,” I said. “And the cameras see it. Charlotte said the public has been able to tell. That some of them are rooting for me and you instead of me and Julian. So it has to stop, Nick. When we’re in front of the cameras, you have to, to…” I didn’t know how else to say it. He was still quiet, still staring. “Maybe just don’t look at me when they are near, I said. He licked his lips. Was he even listening to me? My frustration began to spike. “You know what? Forget it. Do what you want.” I started to turn, ready to walk away from him, from everything. If he couldn’t stop, then I’d just have to avoid him. I could talk to Julian about it. If we could get on the same page, then Nicholas grabbed my wrist. With his other hand, he reached for one of the closets and opened it. He yanked me inside, then closed the door behind us. (2) Before I could even realize what was happening, his mouth was on mine. And I was lost.

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