The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 1059

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 1059-Those wedding gowns were indeed quite gorgeous. They all came with an empire waist that flared out at the lower body. It was the perfect design to hide her baby bump.

Sabrina’s gaze turned all the more tender. “Okay, sure.”

Isaac was all the more delighted.

Immediately, he contacted the owner of the bridal shop despite the late hour before he went about doing other things.

In the master bedroom on the second floor of the villa, Rosie was gnashing her teeth while discussing Sabrina’s pregnancy with Cleo.

“Mrs. Sheerwood, I saw it clearly this afternoon. Her belly is really big; it definitely doesn’t seem as though she’s only four months pregnant!”

Cleo gestured as she asserted again.

Upon hearing that, the wrath on Rosie’s face intensified.

.She had actually never paid much attention to the pregnancy of that future daughter-in-law of hers because it was her son who first told her of the news

He told her that he had impregnated Sabrina and the pregnancy was just a little over a month then.

At that time, she wanted to go to the island to take a look at things, but he persuaded her otherwise, claiming she would be unaccustomed to the environment there since facilities on the island were pretty primitive.

Besides, he also claimed that Sabrina’s temper was rather volatile due to the pregnancy. As such, he was afraid that there would be a conflict if she went over.

Thinking back, she had never truly looked at Sabrina’s pregnant belly to this very day. And since she moved in, Sabrina had always been wearing loose, black clothes.

It had been several days, yet Rosie had truly never noticed her belly.

So, how many months along is she exactly? Argh! How I wish I could rush upstairs and strip off that vixen’s clothes to take a good look at her pregnant belly!

“Mrs. Sheerwood?”

“All right, I got it. We’ll talk about it further after they leave tomorrow.”

That was the final utterance Rosie spat out with her face contorted in a mask of rage.

Tomorrow… Yes, tomorrow is the day Sabrina and Isaac will register their marriage!

The next morning, Sabrina was awakened by Isaac.

When he woke up from his sleep on the couch, he couldn’t curb his excitement. He first went downstairs to the kitchen and prepared breakfast before heading to the bathroom to get the toothpaste as well as hot water ready.

Only after he had done all that did he gingerly go over to the bed and softly call out to the woman.

“Sabrina? Have you had enough sleep? It’s time to wake up.”


Sabrina groggily murmured in bed before she opened her eyes.

Seeing that, Isaac immediately explained, “Uh… It’s already eight o’clock. It’s time to get out of bed since we have an appointment at the civil affairs office.”

Truly, he was doing his best to ingratiate himself to her.

It wasn’t until then that Sabrina remembered the agreed-upon matter last night. She then lay on the bed for a while longer and stared blankly at the ceiling before finally getting out of bed.

Half an hour later, the two of them went downstairs.

“You’re here, Isaac? The two of you are going to register your marriage today, right? Do you need me to drive you there?”

Seamus was quite amiable. Today he waited at home for the couple instead of going to work since they were going to register their marriage.

At the sight of that, irritation swamped Rosie, who was beside him.

Fortunately, Isaac declined after casting a glance at Sabrina next to him.

“No, it’s okay. We’ll be coming home straight after registering our marriage. Dad, please prepare a meal at home and wait for us to come back.”

“That works, too.”

Subsequently, Sabrina and Isaac headed to the civil affairs office.

A few minutes later, when only Rosie was left in the living room, Cleo furtively walked over.

“Mrs. Sheerwood, rest assured that everything has been arranged.”


As Rosie sat there, a satisfied smile finally bloomed on her face. Yet, her eyes still looked exceedingly vicious.

Sabrina Hayes, you want to marry into the Sheerwood family? In your dreams, you shameless b*tch!

Sabrina and Isaac finally arrived at the civil affairs office right at nine o’clock.

They were supposed to go straight in but when Sabrina suddenly caught sight of the words “civil affairs office” above the office building after getting out of the car, she froze.

“Are you tired? In that case, why don’t you go and take a rest in the lobby over there? I’ll go and ask about the procedures.”

Isaac keenly discovered that something was off with her.

Nonetheless, he didn’t expose her but considerately asked whether she was exhausted.

Sabrina lowered her eyes.

A brief moment later, she inhaled deeply and reverted to her usual demeanor. “No, I’m fine. It’s already time, so let’s go in.”

She then took the initiative to drag him into the building.

Isaac was momentarily stupefied.

When he snapped back to his senses, an unbridled sense of euphoria promptly surged within him. He was so thrilled that he nodded fervently before entering with her.

The process of registering a marriage was actually not all complicated. After both the man and woman arrived, they were to fill in a form and submit their household registers as well as identification cards. That was the gist of it.

But that day, after the two of them had taken their seats, the person registering their marriage suddenly cast a glance at Sabrina.

“Are you both going to be parents soon? In that case, would you like to also apply for a birth permit as well?”


Isaac and Sabrina were in the midst of filling out a form. They were stunned by the officer’s question.

We’re just planning to get married. How would we know what other things we need to apply for? We’re total amateurs, okay?

The officer likely perceived their ignorance upon seeing their baffled expressions; she chuckled.

“You don’t know what a birth permit is, do you? It’s a document that you’ll need when your baby is born. The hospital will issue you a birth certificate only if you have that. The birth can then be recorded in the household register.”

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