The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 762

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 762-After hearing about Hundred Bane Sect’s incubation technique, Frank had the bold idea of visiting the sect. With that technique, he would not have to spend a copious amount of money and other resources into finding other natural wonders.

However, he also had other concerns, mainly Vicky.

As a week passed and the farm resort was getting ready for business, Frank felt a gnawing sense of foreboding.

Vicky had since cut off all contact, ignoring all his calls and messages.

While he wondered if he should make a trip to Morhen, a black sedan stopped outside his mansion.

Frida Blue, whom Frank had not seen for a while, alighted.

She was now Vicky’s personal bodyguard after Vicky saved her before, while Yara Quill stayed in Riverton since she could not travel to Morhen with Vicky.

Naturally, Frank was a little disappointed since he was expecting Vicky, and he quickly asked, “Where’s she? Why hasn’t she returned?”

“Ms. Turnbull won’t be coming back for a while,” Frida replied.

Frank frowned. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“There’s been a situation at the main household in Morhen, and Ms. Turnbull needs to resolve the situation personally,” Frida said with a shrug. “She expected that you’d lose patience by now, so she sent me back to give you a head’s up.”

“Really…?” Frank was as exasperated as he was anxious.

Vicky expected him to lose patience? She really never lost her sense of humor even now.

“So what’s this situation with the main household?” Frank pressed nonetheless.

He knew Vicky enough to tell that she would not do this if it was no issue—her personal freedom had most definitely been compromised.

“Don’t worry about the details. Just wait, and everything will be fine if Ms.

Turnbull returns in a few days. though you should forget about her if she does.”

Having said all that in a single breath, Frida started to return to her car.

“Hold it!” Frank grabbed the car door—he was not about to let Frida leave after what she said!

His eyes flashing, he demanded, “Did Vicky say that herself?”

Frida appeared hesitant, but soon nodded. “Yes.”

“Is she in danger? Why wouldn’t she tell me if she is?!” Frank pressed, his tone stern.

“She’s safe—no one’s safer than she is right now, and she’s not hurt.” Frida sighed.

“Then what was that supposed to mean?!” Frank snapped. “Forget about her just because she said so?! Are you kidding me?!”

Seeing that Frank was about to lose it, Frida said quietly, “Forget it, Mr.

Lawrence. You can’t handle this —you’d just be burdening yourself. You still have Helen Lane, don’t you? Just stay here and keep her company. Neither myself nor Ms. Turnbull are eager for you to get involved.”

“Shut the fuck up!” Frank bellowed, his expression icy as Frida refused to talk.

“What is there that I can’t solve?! What’s the point of acting tough?! And don’t you forget that I healed your arm and meridian nexus—I saved your life, and you still won’t trust me?!”

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