The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 755

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 755-Naturally, it did not matter how tightly the Lane family bodyguards tied Frank up —freeing himself was a matter of intention, and he played along just to spare Roth from Gus’ wrath.

“Hahaha!!!” Willy was even less wary now that Frank was tied up, striding down the stairs and pointing haughtily at Frank. “How about that, asshole?! Not so full of yourself now, are you?! Here, I’ll count to five… Haha.”

He was quoting Frank, even mimicking him and holding up five fingers just to rub it in.

Frank remained unmoved, however.

“You wanted to know how Hubert Sorano died? I’ll tell you right now,” he said quietly, striding once toward Willy and holding his gaze as he growled, “I killed him. And he was full of himself. just like how you’re behaving right now.”

The Soranos were actually unfazed by his threat, but that could not be said for Fleur.

“Insolence!” she shrieked, eager to renounce Frank. “You little shit! I should’ve known you were a murderer! To think you’d speak so insolently after you killed a member of the Sorano family, even threatening Mr. Sorano himself?! I’ll have your head now!”

Wheeling on the Lane family bodyguards, she bellowed, “Go! Cut his head off to appease Hubert Sorano’s soul!”

“Exactly!” Gina promptly joined in after Fleur’s outburst. “He’s a real jinx! My family has already cut all ties with him a long time ago! My daughter and I knew he was scum, so she divorced him—”

“Silence!” Fleur suddenly cut Gina short, bellowing, “You Northstream Lanes brought this all upon us! That’s why we’re disowning every single one of you. Go kill them all—Frank, Helen, and Gina!”

“What?!” Gina was left gaping in disbelief—how did she get caught in Frank’s mess?!

Still, she quickly started pleading, “Please, Madam Lang. I’m innocent! Helen too! It’s all Frank’s fault—”

“Silence!” Fleur bellowed again, glaring at Gina furiously while flexing her authority as the most senior member of the family. “You’re all despicable fools, and we Southstream Lanes would have nothing to do with you! The only purpose you have is to die for your crimes and to prove our innocence!”

“Hah! Madam Lang is right—the Northstream Lanes are all trash and maggots!”

Luna added, feeling cathartic even as she watched Helen’s face turn pale.

Her disfigurement would hurt her chances of becoming the next head of the Lane family, and she was not about to let Helen stay on as a rival, especially with that beauty of hers.

If anything, the best outcome here was to eliminate the Northstream Lanes all at once!

With that in mind, Luna could not help being genuinely impressed by Fleur’s ability at scapegoating. The cunning of the rich and important was certainly extraordinary.

Gina even gave up on all dignity right then, dropping to her knees and begging Fleur for mercy. “Please, Madam Lang… I’m begging you! Just let us go… I helped you, didn’t I?”

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