The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 752

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 752-Fleur was left gaping in disbelief as both Deedle and Deedum dropped to their knees in front of Frank.

“What?!” she exclaimed.

Deedle and Deedum were the best of the Lane family bodyguards—Fleur would never reveal them to anyone unless it was really necessary.

And yet, her trump cards turned out to be so insignificant against Frank!

It was only then that Fleur remembered what Jade Zahn had told her before she came—if she wanted to take down Frank, she had to work on Helen.

They have to pull rank, using their family’s influence to coerce Frank instead of resorting to violence— they would never win with the latter.

Though regret showed on Fleur’s face as she finally remembered Jade’s warning, she was not about to let things slide.

Wheeling on Helen, she snapped, “Just look at your ex-husband! He’s a real savage, as if the rules don’t apply to him! Get this—Mark is being confined by the Soranos, so put a leash on Frank right now! Candidate for the next head of the Lane family? We will all die because of you before that!”

Helen was going to argue that Fleur started it since she had sicked Deedle on Helen herself but became panicked when she heard that the Soranos had Mark.

If this was really Frank’s mess, her candidacy as the next head of the Lane family would really be forfeited.

Frank obviously realized that too.

He, Vicky, and Helen had worked very hard just so that Helen had a shot as the next head of the Lane family. They would stand to lose a lot if the Soranos really got Helen forfeited.

Hence, Frank briskly shoved Deedle and Deedum’s burly figures away and snorted. “I am man enough to admit what I did, and I’d never avoid taking responsibility.”

Wheeling on the mob of bodyguards brought here to punish him, he snapped, “You’re all real pieces of work. Every last one of you refused to stay and defend the Lane family when they needed you, choosing to run away, even seizing the opportunity to repay personal grudges. Maggots!”

“Who do you think you are talking to, you little shit?!” Fleur snapped furiously.

“Frank Lawrence!” Luna yelled. “Don’t think you get to strut just because you can throw a punch! Once the Soranos come for you, even your nine lives won’t last you long!” “Exactly! Why are you cowering here?! Go face the Soranos if you can! Don’t drag us into your mess! Gina joined in.

“It’s just the Soranos. What’s the big deal?” Frank snorted, not caring about the Soranos at all.

The Southstream Lanes cleared a path by instinct.

“Frank…” Noel murmured, having been watching from the start, her expression troubled.

After all, she realized that Frank had made enemies of the Soranos because of her.

“Don’t worry. It has nothing to do with you—the Soranos and I had beef even before you came.” Frank stopped her since he could anticipate what Noel would think.

“I’m coming with you,” Helen said solemnly, standing up just then. “I’ll face it with you, whatever this is about.”

Frank nodded contentedly, seeing how determined she was.

Winter had enough too and shouted, “I’m coming too!”

“Buzz off.” Frank chuckled. “This is my business—what can you do by following me there? Stay here with your mom.”

After stopping the ladies from getting rash, he turned and shouted in the direction of the kitchen, “Mona!”

“I’m here!” Mona, who had been stuffing her cheeks with food, wiped her mouth with her sleeve as she hurried out at Frank’s call.

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