The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 748

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 748-“Ms. Turnbull, you’re really misunderstanding here.” Noel leapt to Frank’s defense, seeing that even Don Juan was mentioned. “He’s just testing the longevity essence that he’ll be using at the farm resort.”

“Oh, a massage, was it? Oof, I’m hurting here too! Give me a rub!” Vicky snapped as she planted herself on the couch beside Frank, grabbing his hands and pressing them over her breasts.

Frank promptly withdrew his hands exasperatedly. “What are you doing, Vicky?

Quit messing around.”

Vicky remained very upset. “What, you are massaging a woman you don’t know without a care, but you wouldn’t even rub me?!”

“You’re not hurt—you don’t need it. Also, I’m using this essence for the farm resort and can’t afford to waste it.” Frank sighed exasperatedly at the heiress behaving like a jealous, petulant child.

“What do you mean I’m not hurt?!” Vicky kept pointing at her chest in frustration.

“Here. Internal injury —I’m riddled with holes inside, much more serious than anything she has! Touch me if you don’t believe me!”

Vicky even puffed her chest and goaded Frank to do it, which left him in pain.

“Alright, alright—it’s all my fault, Ms. Turnbull. Now stop messing around, okay?

You have yet to eat since it’s early, right? I’ll feed you…”

Frank was going to get up and leave, only for Vicky to catch him by the wrist.

“For real?” The heiress was suddenly smiling goofily. “Can I really?”

“Of course, what—”

Frank noticed that something was wrong just as he was finished and promptly shook her off, then fled into the kitchen. Hiding was his only option now, and there was no doubt that Vicky had him in a bind.

Vicky was soon in her normal mood too, as she would never doubt Frank.

The whole argument was no more than flirting.

Frank soon brought the ladies each a bowl of steaming pasta. While Noel ate hers slowly and paid great attention to how she looked, Vicky did not care for manners at all and soon wolfed down everything, leaving Frank shaking his head as he watched.

“Dear Ms. Turnbull—show some manners, there’s a guest here.” Frank chuckled in pain. “Is a bowl of pasta really that much better than your usual gourmet food?”

“Of course,” Vicky giggled, putting down her fork and patting her belly in satisfaction. “Anything my darling makes is the best. Anyway, let’s step outside for a moment. We need to talk.”

Vicky’s expression was serious as she led Frank outside.

Noel stayed at the dining room since she could see that it was very important, refraining from eavesdropping at all.

Still, Vicky was acting all mysterious as she had Frank get into her car, shutting the door to cut themselves off from the world outside.

“What is it?” Frank was actually curious, since Vicky was being serious and even going the extra mile to prevent being eavesdropped on.

“I’ll be leaving Riverton for a while, Frank. Helen will have to take over my work.”

Vicky appeared unhappy, a stark contrast to when she teased Frank.

“Leaving Riverton? Where are you going?” Frank’s heart skipped a beat.

“To Morhen.” Vicky sighed softly. “There’s something in the family I have to deal with, and soon. I came to say goodbye.”

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