The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 738

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 738-He then poured the emerald longevity essence into a pot and breathed a sigh of relief when everything was done.

He looked outside to see that it was already late into the night.

His room was a mess even without that huge hole on the wall, and his furniture was all in pieces.

He stepped outside to find the mansion quiet and empty, save for note Helen left.

She and everyone else had left. They would be staying at a hotel since she was worried about bothering Frank, but Carol had already cooked something for him and left it in the fridge.

Frank chuckled after reading the note, touched by the feeling of familial warmth.

Flexing his limbs, which creaked loudly, he headed off for a bath, and then took out the food from the fridge and wolfed down everything.

While he ate, he then remembered his phone and found it from the mess of his room.

The screen was cracked, but he could see the missed calls. Getting the backup phones around the mansion, he then called Burt. “Is it done?”

“Yes, Brother Lawrence… But I couldn’t reach Ms. York.” Burt clearly sounded relieved to hear Frank, since Frank was not answering his calls, and he thought that something had happened to him.

“Wait, you couldn’t reach Ms. York?” Frank frowned.

Noel was an essential part of his plans—he would make the Soranos suffer if they messed around.

Quickly finishing his food, he changed into casualwear and picked up his jacket as he left, his Maybach soon bounding down the hilltop to Noel’s mansion. – Meanwhile, a gray-haired man wearing a white bathrobe was sitting crosslegged on a glass table at Noel’s mansion.

He was watching a movie Noel starred in, twirling his glass filled with red wine smugly.

Unlike Hubert Sorano, an illegitimate son, Willy Sorano was a legitimate heir to Emilio Sorano, the head of Sorano Media, the leading company in Draconia showbiz.

And Willy was here to investigate Hubert’s death—even if Hubert was an illegitimate son of the family, his unusual death must be investigated.

Naturally, Titus Lionheart and the Graves family of Southstream knew about Hubert’s death.

However, the Graves family was thoroughly massacred.

As for Titus, he was the only one in his family who knew, and he was too preoccupied with his engagement to Vicky Tunbull, meaning Hubert’s death remained an enigma.


Willy clicked his tongue as he kept watching Noel’s movie and sighed. “What a shame, Ms. York. Your refusal to do sex scenes has really kept your popularity lukewarm over the years.”

Noel was herself curled up as she sat on the edge of the couch, wearing a bathrobe but doing her best not to expose herself.

Her hair dripping wet, her face was pale as she asked with a quivering voice, “W-What do you want?”‘ “What do I want?” Willy laughed. “Oh, don’t worry—once I have my way with you, I’ll make you the most popular actress in Draconia… porn actress, that is.”

His eyes flashing sinisterly, he licked his lips as he grinned. “Thrilling to just think about it, right?”

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