The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 730

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 730-The South Sea Crow was so elusive the South Sea Four tried and failed for three years to take her down, even with all the Ascendant rank fighters at their disposal.

How would Vicky ever stop that woman in just one month, and what could she do?

Meanwhile, at Skywater Bay, Helen had washed up and was preparing to go to work when Frank stopped her.

“How’s the promotion for the farm resort going?” he asked.

Helen rolled her eyes. “It’s just been a week.”

Still, she soon flashed him a flirty wink, sending Frank’s heart skipping a beat.

Resisting the urge to hug her, he smiled instead. “Is there anything else you need my help with?”

“Nope. Just leave the promotion to me and Vicky—you just worry about preparing the farm.”

“Really?” Frank strode closer, narrowing his eyes.


Helen trailed off and threw up her hands to yield—she was never a great liar.

“Well, there’s no problem with Flora Hall, since Dan Zimmer agreed to it without hesitation when I mentioned you. It’s Noel York.”

“What’s her problem? No free slot in her schedule?” Frank exclaimed in surprise.

“No, it’s worse—she’s been embroiled in a wave of bad publicity.” Helen sighed.

“Someone’s creating rumors that she’s been granting sexual favors to her company’s executives, who in turn aided her in workplace bullying. There have been people coming out to accuse her, and some admitted to those favors with Noel. In short, it’s a mess.”

“Sexual favors? Workplace bullying?” Frank frowned.

The impression he had of Noel was that she was agreeable and mild-tempered.

She did not look like the type who would get involved in workplace bullying, let alone grant sexual favors with company executives.

“I know what you’re thinking, but the truth hardly matters now.” Helen was rubbing her tempers as she explained. “The point is, Noel is going down. Heck, forget endorsing the farm resort— there’s already talk reconsidering the endorser for the Rejuvenation Pill. Noel can’t even protect herself.”

Frank was left silent and eventually said quietly, “She helped us when we needed her most. We can’t just sit by when she’s being scapegoated for some crime she didn’t commit.”

Helen shot him a knowing look.

Frank would not just stand aside and watch Noel suffer—it was why Helen did not want to tell Frank in the first place.

Everyone had been on edge for a while now, and having one less worry was pretty much desirable.

But likewise, Helen knew she would not be able to dissuade Frank and said nothing else as she handed him Noel’s private number.

“Just don’t be reckless,” she reminded him and left for work.

For Frank’s part, he did not hesitate—he was more or less done with the planning for the farm resort and had been idling after delegating full authority to Trevor Zurich.

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