The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 721

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 721-“Please be understanding.”

And with a polite nod, Jenny left without looking back.

Sif was left standing there, shaking with rage.

It was the most terrible day for her, ever!

She paid a whopping grand total of 5.5 billion dollars for two pieces of junk. And worst of all, every bigwig attending the auction had seen the vindictive side of the Lionhearts, and as word soon spread, it would soon become the image everyone had of them.

Forget Norsedam—even the main branch of the family in Morhen would be affected!


Knowing that she had messed up terribly, Sif clenched her knuckles even as her fury threatened to consume her.

But she soon smiled savagely—since she had already messed up anyway, she just had to see things through to the end!

She would make Frank pay even if all of Norsedam would talk—and most importantly, take the treasure he kept in his pocket. It was Frank’s fault for messing with her, and if not for that little speech he made, the situation would not have fallen to the unsalvageable state it was now.

He was just some local hick—she could make him wish he was dead even if he was Birthright rank, just like the enemies of the Lionhearts.

With that in mind, Sif whipped out her phone and dialed a number. – Frank and Trevor had just arrived at the parking lot when he sensed that they were being watched.

It seemed that Sif was so despicable she could give up on all manner of integrity and wanted Frank’s treasure even if it meant being publicly scorned.

And in spite of his contempt, Frank had to admit that the Lionhearts had efficiency, not to mention droves of martial elites under their command—even the one watching Frank now was Birthright rank.

It was clear that the Lionhearts had done their fair share of plunder and pillaging too, or their men would not be this adept at this clandestine work.

“We’re being tailed,” Frank told Trevor quietly as he stopped in his tracks.

“What?” Trevor was caught off guard and quickly looked around.

However, it was only natural he saw anything since Birthright rank elites had their ways in hiding their presence.

“What should we do? Jump in our car and leave?” Trevor was concerned since there were only two of them.

“No. I’ll deal with the tail—less hassle that way,” Frank said and made a turn into an alley, which ended in a brick wall.

To no surprise, the Birthright rank individual who was crawling over the wall in a weird way leapt off, glowering at Frank.

It was not just him—over twenty goons suddenly appeared in the alley with all sorts of weapons in hand, their faces covered.

They were no longer careful since they were exposed, striding straight toward Frank and encircling him, clearly having no intent to let him pass.

“Hey kid,” the Birthright rank individual growled gruffly, brandishing his machete.

“We heard you hit the jackpot at the auction. Now hand it over—be nice, and I’ll make your death painless.”

Frank sighed. “You already knew I had treasure even though we don’t know each other, even claiming my death would be painless without offering mercy first?”

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