The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 719

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 719-Frank, however, had no intention to negotiate and refused bluntly. “I’m sorry, Ms.

Lionheart—I have great use for my Hale Marrow, and I’m not selling no matter what you offer me.”

“What?!” Sif did a double take, her temper flaring right then.

It was the first time someone would refuse her, the heiress of the Lionheart!

“I’m being nice here!” she snapped. “Know your place and give it to me right now! No one ever refuses me, and everyone will always hand over whatever I want to me on a silver platter!”

Frank simply raised a brow and sneered. “Really? How on earth did you manage to describe daylight robbery with such righteous words? Or perhaps

you own this place too? Surely you should know how to abide by rules too, Ms.


“Shut up! What I say is the rule!” Sif bellowed haughtily, glaring at Frank. “The Lionhearts will make this worth your while—you bought it for 200 million, didn’t you? I’m now buying it for 2 billion dollars. It’s no loss for you, so hand it over!”

Seeing that Sif was stubbornly persistent, Frank laughed despite himself.

To think Sif herself was mocking him for buying the hale pearl for 200 million just earlier. Now that he had unveiled the real treasure within, Sif was now bent on taking it from him!

Still, it was even more outrageous that Sif was demanding to have it for just 2 billion dollars—it was hardly the value for a real treasure like the Hale Marrow!

The woman was really taking him for a fool!

“And what if I still refuse?” Frank asked, leveling a cool stare at Sif.

“Then you’ll have to face the consequences,” Sif threatened him, not pulling her punches at all.

Even if she only got an underdeveloped Hyperion Root, the Hale Marrow would make up for it and then some.

It was her only way to recoup her losses, and she would take it from Frank even if it meant her embarrassment.

“It’s disappointing to think that a Lionheart would be so lacking in virtue.” Frank snorted, shaking his head. “I actually believed for a moment that your family was the upstanding sort after meeting Titus Lionheart—well, consider my eyes open now.”

With that, he turned toward everyone else in the auction hall and spoke audibly, “Everyone! It seems that the Lionhearts would not hesitate to claim any treasures you may luck into on this day. Are you willing to just roll over and yield? If so, why bother with the auction at all?!”

Pointing at Sif just then, Frank bellowed furiously, “Just let Ms. Lionheart look through the entire catalog, and then claim what sloppy seconds she leaves!

That’s all the rest of us deserve, right? No! Even if she messes up and misses some treasure, she’ll claim it from you anyway! You must return it because it’s rightfully hers! If you refuse, she will name-drop her family and threaten to end you! So, I ask again: why bother with the auction at all?! Why don’t we all just swear fealty to the Lionhearts, become their lapdogs, and deliver all we have as tributes?!”

The auction hall was silent after Frank was finished, and everyone was scowling.

After all, he was right—why bother with the auction at all?!

They had all come prospecting, keen to snatch some unnoticed treasures from the Leaf family’s auction.

But with that despotic Lionheart heiress there with them? Really, why bother?

Not only did they have no chance of outbidding her, but even if they won some miracle, she would just threaten them to hand over their loot.

At that point, what could one do other than to yield, even if it took painstaking effort to claim their treasure?

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