The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 716

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 716-Sif stared at Frank as if he was crazy. “Is it that hard to admit that you’re stupid?

You had to pretend to be crazy, and for who?”

The crowd around them was whispering among themselves too.

“The Lionhearts sole that hale pearl to the Leaf family for two hundred grand?”

“No way… Didn’t Trevor Zurich buy it for 200 million?”

“What would you know? That’s just how rich people are—they’re stupid.”

While most of them turned to Frank because he was laughing so hard, most of them agreed with Sif— Frank had lost his head because he suffered a major trauma.

That was why people always said that one must be ready to lose it all when making enemies of the Lionhearts!

While everyone became even more wary as they glanced at Sif, she became even more conceited. “You hear that? It’s not just me—everyone is mocking you now that they know! And still, you laugh. Don’t you know it’s embarrassing?”

“Is that so?” Frank adjusted his hold on the pearl while grinning. “Well, not many can see the true worth of this hale pearl, Ms. Lionheart. No, this is not your ordinary hale pearl. It’s a Hale Marrow!”

Sif snorted, clicking her tongue. “Hale Marrow? What’s that? Never heard of it.”

The way she saw it, Frank was just being too stubborn to admit he lost.

“In that case, allow me to demonstrate,” Frank said and raised his palm to release a burst of pure vigor, firing it into the pearl.

“Birthright rank?!” Sif’s eyes widened when she saw Frank’s strength and became wary right then.

It was not surprising now that Frank was never afraid of her. but the Lionhearts had more than enough Birthright rank fighters as well, with her younger brother among them!

In fact, he was a monster, completing Birthright rank at such a young age that he far eclipsed his peers.


Even as Sif’s thoughts crossed her mind, cracks appeared all over the pearl Frank was holding.

The cracks extended all over the emerald pearl like spiderwebs.

Even Jenny, who was still standing onstage, was flabbergasted—the same naturally went without saying for everyone else.

“He’s really lost it!”

“There’s no need to destroy a gem just because he was humiliated and angry, right? Being a sucker is just normal in auctions…”

“He could just stick to using words. Why get violent?”

“For real. He could give it to me if he didn’t want it.”

Everyone was disappointed, hesitant, or left confused by what Frank did.

He spent 200 million on it, and he was destroying it for nothing?! Talk about squandering!

On the other hand, Sif was actually stunned for a moment when Frank actually broke the pearl, but she was soon guffawing.

“Hahaha! Are you really alright here?!” She sneered, pointing at her own temples. “You spent 200 million dollars on that, and you’re breaking it already?

Did it upset you that much that I told you it was really worth two hundred grand?

But you didn’t have to go that far, did you?”

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