The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 709

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 709-Meanwhile, Jenny was looking around. “Lady Lionheart’s bid stands at 3 billion.

Do I hear another bid?”

Trevor was frowning but stayed silent instead of continuing to compete against Sif.

Sif mistook it as Trevor showing weakness and was unable to compete further.

Smiling with smug disdain, she asked, “Why the silence? Go on, keep bidding— let’s see how much dough you have, challenging us Lionhearts.”

“Actually, you can have it since you like it,” Frank suddenly said quietly.

If anything, buying an underdeveloped Hyperion Root at three billion dollars only proved Sif’s immaturity and experience.

“I can have it?'” Sif snorted, folding her arms before her chest. “Pretty words, but just admit you can’t afford it. Do I really need your handouts? How shameless can you be?”

“Heh.” Frank simply chuckled and refrained from arguing, since it was pointless.

Still, his attitude only left Sif annoyed, and his smile left her feeling powerlessly frustrated.

She was intent on seeing Frank submit to the monumental pressure and frightening deep pockets of her family, but he remained nonchalant as always.

And that really upsetted her.

However, there was no excuse for her to keep harassing him—if she did, it would show everyone how petty she was, and she would lose more than what she stood to gain.

Snorting, she returned to her seat.

Frank narrowed his eyes, the frustration in Sif’s expression not escaping his notice. – Eventually, Sif bought the ninety-year-old Hyperion Root for the astronomical price of three billion.

“Next up, another treasure from my family’s troves,” Jenny announced and pulled off a red cloth to reveal a white stalactite as thick as a person’s arm. “It’s a milk-white stalactite—never processed or sculpted, one of the rarest items in my father’s collection. Feel free to check it out.”

“Huh…?” Frank’s face fell when he saw the white stalactite.

It was disappointing that he lost the bid for the Hyperion Root, but he suddenly straightened now, his eyes clearly focused.

“Amusing.” Frank murmured in excitement as he clapped Trevor on the shoulder. “We need this, Trevor, no matter how much it costs!”

He had kept his voice down, but Sif heard him nonetheless.

And seeing how excited he was, Sif scoffed in disdain, finally getting an opening to throw shade at Frank. “What’s so impressive? It’s just a stalactite. Even if it’s older than most, it’d never measure up to any other Mother Nature’s wonders, and any respectable family would have a couple lying around. Only hicks like you who have never seen the world would consider it a treasure.”

Frank did not react to her, however, and kept urging Trevor to make a bid under his breath.

The stalactite was flawlessly white, shaped like a bamboo shoot after a thousand years’ worth of precipitation. Even so, Trevor himself could not see what was special about it from its appearance alone, and it was not particularly breathtaking despite its rarity.

At best, it would be cut off into smaller pieces to make fortune totems for warding off bad luck with.

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