The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 697

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 697-On the other hand, Vicky was smiling. “You must be Fleur Lang, ma’am. Your reputation precedes you… Oh, where are my manners? Would you like some tea? I can pour you some.”

She really enjoyed stepping on toes, gleeful even as she mentioned the tea incident of the previous night and leaving Fleur glowering.

Jade, who had enough, snapped at Vicky right then, “Ms. Turnbull, you should stay in line even if your family is important in Morhen. We aren’t afraid of you.”

Vicky gasped in dramatic surprise. “Whoa, you must be Jade Zahn! Hello to you too—I heard that my darling husband Frank Lawrence saved your daughter, yes?”

She certainly was no punching bag like Helen, and her mention of that life debt left Jade and Luna pursing their lips grumpily.

“I mean, a life debt lasts forever, doesn’t it? But why does it feel like neither of you are grateful?”

Vicky sighed in exaggerated disappointment just then. “Such a shame I’m not as noble as my husband —I mean, if I saved someone and they still have the cheek to slander me for molestation, I’d really punish them behind their back.

Who knows, they might be poisoned without knowing it!”

Vicky’s pointed supposition actually spooked Luna, and she hurried off, lifting her sleeves to check.

Jade strode up right then, shielding Luna behind her. “This is the Lane family business, Ms. Turnbull! Stay out of this!”

“Oh, I certainly do, but my hands are tied!” Vicky shrugged. “Helen borrowed my money. I’m now bearing a risk as her creditor, so I have a right to check if her investment is a prudent one, don’t you think?”

Vicky’s smile never faded even as she brought down the women of the Lane family a peg.

They certainly knew Vicky was infamous for her sharp tongue, and they would not get anything out of verbal fencing against her.

Instead, Fleur turned her sights on Frank, snorting under her breath, “Twotiming bastard. Despicable.”

“Oh, but isn’t your husband much worse, Madam Lang?” Vicky giggled. “I mean, three wives! That’s three-timing—my darling is much more upstanding in comparison.”

Her retort left Fleur cursing herself—what was wrong with her, trying to insult Frank with that?! She was just shooting herself in the foot!

With that, Vicky silenced Luna, Jade and Fleur all on her own. They scowled as if they were choking, as none of them could breath the insults and mockery they had on the tip of their tongues.

Helen actually felt cathartic—in this respect, Vicky was not that contemptible.


Soon, an elderly man arrived on horseback.

His curled hair was white, but his eyes were spirited and he was dressed stylishly.

It was none other than Mark Lane, Henry Lane’s younger brother.

After Gavin hurried to him and helped him off his house, he looked around, eventually fixing his gaze on Helen.

“Gavin told me about you, Helen,” Mark spoke, his tone carrying such strength that he almost did not look seventy. “You’re interested in taking this farm off my hands?”

“Yes, Mr. Lane,” Helen nodded.

“Hoho. Then do you know how much this farm costs, along with the maintenance fees and the rest?” Mark chuckled, holding the saddle as he pointed at a distant river. “That farmland over there, where we grow various fruits and vegetables, is the size of two villages. That’s around seven square kilometers of land there.”

Then, pointing southeast, Mark continued, “Over there are the horse stables and woods where fruit trees are grown. It’s around seven square kilometers too…

Oh, and there’s also livestock.”

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