The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 692

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 692-As Gina turned toward Frank, she realized why Helen was behaving like this!

She turned her head, aiming herself at a pillar in the drawing room as she shrieked hysterically, “Apologize to Madam Lang right now and get that agreement, Helen, or I’ll kill myself right now!”

“Go on, do it.” Helen remained unmoved, shaking her head.

Gina looked on in shock as she strode toward the couch, looking haughtily downward at Jade, Fleur, and Luna as she said icily, “If you came to humiliate me and assert your authority, Madam Lang, then I must inform you that you really should’ve chosen someone else. I might have done it for that billion- dollar investment company in the past, but now…”

Helen’s eyes flashed coldly as she bellowed, “You’re all just a bunch of clowns, and I’m done being nice!”

Her stately strut left Jade, Fleur, and Luna, with Fleur clutching her chest and almost collapsing.

“Fine, fine!” Fleur cried as she pointed a shaking finger at Helen before throwing the agreement at Luna, wheezing as she snapped at Helen, “You’re a tactless fool just like your grandfather! Luna will be taking over the billion-dollar investment company from this day forth—and you can rot for all I care!”

“Whatever. I wouldn’t take your handouts anyway.” Helen snorted, kicking the table violently while pointing at the door. “Garcia, walk them out of here!”

Jade, Fleur, and Luna got up and started to leave.

Fleur, who was still shaking with rage, snapped at Gina as she walked past her, “You really are a mook, raising a daughter like that!”

While Fleur strode off without looking back, Luna was holding the agreement, giving Helen a baleful look despite celebrating inwardly.

“Oh, I should tell you, Helen,” she said, clicking her tongue. “My grandfather built this company from scratch, but you’d just throw such a great opportunity to me. Thank you so much.”

She beamed, unable to hide her delight and humming happily as she skipped off.

Jade was grinning at Helen too. “Thank you for this. With this, Luna will become a candidate for the next head of the family

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