The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 688

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 688-Gina dropped to her bottom, unable to cry no matter how she wanted to, feeling hollow inside.

How could she have known that some ruby Frank threw at her was worth that much?!

“What are you doing over there?! Can’t you see that Madam Lang has been waiting for so long?! Where are your manners and proper upbringing?!”

On the other hand, Jade finally had enough and snapped from afar, slamming her cup on the glass table with an audible clang.

That was especially the case for Gina, sitting on the floor like some fishwife.

“Forget it—we can save this, for later. Let’s go back to business,” Frank said calmly right then, knowing how important the meeting today was for Helen.

Helen realized with a start at his words. It was true—she was still thinking about the ruby, but what was at hand was more important.

Jade then extended a hand as she introduced, “Helen, meet Madam Lang.

She’s your grandmother twice removed, and her words are absolute in the Southstream Lane household.”

As she spoke, she glanced at Gina—who was still sitting on the floor—and fumed, “What’s with that scowl?! Pour Madam Lang some tea already!”

“It’s fine, I’ll do it.” Helen forced a smile and quickly poured a cup of tea, offering it to Madam Lang respectfully with both hands.

However, Fleur Lang simply snorted at her and turned away. “How uncouth.”

Beside them, Jade pointed at Helen and snapped, “Is that how you serve tea to your elders?! Don’t you know the tradition?!”

“Tradition?” Helen did a double take—this was the way she served her own grandfather tea as a child. What tradition were these people talking about?

“It’s alright, Madam Lang. They come from a hick town and wouldn’t know upper-class tradition,” Jade told Fleur before turning towards Helen with a sneer.

“Get down on your knees and hold the teacup over your head. That’s how you serve tea to your elders with sincerity.”

“Get down on my knees?” Helen frowned.

What kind of tradition was that? If it had existed, it must have existed over decades if not centuries…

Did the so-called upper class maintain this horrible tradition all this while?!

“What, are you refusing, Helen?” Jade folded her arms before her chest while snorting sarcastically. “Are you dissatisfied with Madam Lang, or our family’s tradition?”

“Start learning our tradition if you consider yourself a part of our family, brat,”

Fleur added just then. “If you are ignorant of something so basic, you have no right to lead us.”

Hearing that Helen might not become the head of the family, Gina suddenly came to her senses.

Flustered, she hurried over and took the teacup from Helen, dropping to her knees and holding it over her head.

“I’m sorry, Madam Lang. Helen is just a little slow—she’ll learn it soon enough,”

Gina then breathed reverently like a slave.

Even Frank felt sick to the stomach as he stood aside.

That was when Fleur spoke again, “Who do you think you are, serving me tea?”

At the same time, she was looking haughtily downward at Gina, showing no intention to take the cup.

“Oh…” Gina’s smile stiffened, and she had no choice but to slowly pass the teacup to Helen, pleading, “Go on, Helen. There’s nothing embarrassing about kneeling to your elders anyway.”

Helen frowned but eventually sighed as she dropped to her knees with a thud

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