The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 670

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 670-As Frank and Silverbell’s sword duel intensified, Maron grew more wary of either of them.

At the same time, he felt lucky he had never fought Frank directly… or he would end up a corpse already!

“Take this—Thousand Mile Burst!”

A blur shot down from the above.

Too fast for Frank to avoid, he had to raise his sword to parry in the heat of the moment.


The silver beam shattered the sword even as Frank looked on, and it never stopped as it kept pressing toward Frank’s face.

“Oof—” Frank grunted as he stepped backward, and he touched his forehead to feel blood welling out of a shallow scratch.

“I lost,” he said, throwing the hilt on the floor and openly admitting defeat.

“No, you’ve won,” Silverbell said even as she landed, her fingers twitching around her sword.

She leveled a look of mixed emotions at Frank before shaking her head. “It’s the rule—anyone in any sect who can last twenty strikes from my blade earns their sect a place in the Martial Alliance. And you’ve survived more than fifty.”

Glancing at the shards of the broken sword around the floor, she sighed in disappointment. “And it’s not as if you were incapacitated—the sword you wield was just too crude. I have to admit that you’re a class above me.”


Silverbell sheathed her sword, nodding calmly at Frank. “You’ve cleared this trial.”

“Thank you.” Frank nodded in turn, not denying it since it was the reality.

When the best of the best stepped into the ring, they pitted their skills and warrior’s mind against each other.

It was especially the case in swordcraft, with swords being elegant weapons wielded in a civilized time. Those without virtue could not hope to direct their sword to strike true, let alone cultivate their swordcraft to the pinnacle.

“And since you’ve won, I hereby announce that Sage Lake Sect. is eligible.”

Silverbell suddenly paused before turning toward Frank in disbelief and dropped to the floor limply, her cheeks flushed and her breathing rushed.

“It’s working!” Maron exclaimed in delight, leaping out of the crowd and pointing at Frank as he bellowed in righteous indignation, “What do you think you’re doing, Frank Lawrence?!”

“Hmm.?” Frank turned to Maron in confusion.

As the Sage Lake Sect apprentices looked on, Maron kept snapping, “To think I treated you as a friend!

How dare you resort to such underhanded moves!”

“Underhanded moves?” Frank was left further confused about what Maron was up to.

Maron simply ignored him and bellowed, “I’m taking Lady Silverbell to the infirmary—I saw Frank blindside her with a white powder just now!”

Then, turning towards Elder Huxley, he commanded, “Restrain him! Also, all other apprentices are to stay away from the infirmary and avoid getting into trouble.”

Then, he went up to Silverbell to help her to her feet, but she pushed him away.

“Sage Lake Sect… When did you. poison me?!”

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