The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 666

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 666-Whether I can do that tonight depends entirely on you. Hahaha.”

Maron laughed heartily as he strode off, leaving Frank standing there, clenching his knuckles as his visage flashed murderously.

One way or another, Maron would die tonight!

Soon, Frank followed the Sage Lake Sect apprentices to the enclosed dojo, where he immediately spotted the white-dressed figure drawing her sword.

A faint pure vigor wafted among the Sage Lake Sect elders even as they encircled her, resonating harmoniously somehow.

“A combat ward.?” Frank narrowed his eyes.

It was commonly practiced by sect apprentices, requiring resonance in pure vigor and psyche. Moreover, most combat wards would enhance the individuals within while diminishing any disadvantages—pushing them beyond what they were usually capable of.

“Don’t worry, Lady Silverbell!” one of the elders barked. “This Divine Lotus Ward has never been beaten since its conception!”


Both Frank and Silverbell snorted at the same time—no sect ever got to brag when it came to combat wards because the strongest wielders of combat wards resided at the borders of Draconia.

Take, for example, the twelve generals serving the Lord of the Southern Woods.

The combat ward they cast in tandem was genuine in every sense of the word.

Working in perfect unity, they would complement each other while instantly pushing their Ascendant rank cultivation to peak potential, and even Divine rank elites would have trouble holding their own against them.

It was a godly stroke, and even the world would falter in their wake. Modern artillery would be futile against it. as such, one had to describe the ward cast by the Sage Lake Sect elders as ‘pathetic’.

“How amusing,” Silverbell said, looking at the combat ward cast around her before glancing at Maron in the distance. “I’d advise you to give up if this is all Sage Lake Sect is capable of. A measly sect like this has no business joining the Martial Alliance.”

“Go!” Maron snapped at the Sage Lake Sect elders, as Silverbell’s mocking left his cheek clenching.

“Apologies, Lady Silverbell!” the Sage Lake Sect elders bellowed as they took to the air, spinning like tops in the air as they cast their combat ward and charged at Silverbell.

“Ignorance.” Silverbell’s eyes flashed coolly, seeing that they were stubbornly attacking.

With a flick of her sword, dozens of beams fired away from her word like a blooming flower.

One elder’s clothes was left in pieces, while the one beside him was screaming as he was sent flying.

Even before the Sage Lake Sect apprentices realized what was happening, Elder Randel was covered in a dozen gashes, bleeding like a stuck pig and barely alive.

All the Sage Lake Sect apprentices gasped.

The horror! Elder Randel was one of their strongest leaders, but he did not even survive a single strike from Silverbell?!

The other two elders left standing glanced at each other, and they subtly drew out a pack of white powder.

Without another word, they charged at Silverbell from both sides.


The one on the left was lobbed into the air by Silverbell’s sword, while the elder to the right was sent flying as well, coughing blood after Silverbell kicked him.

However, in the instant he was kicked, he managed to sprinkle his white powder on Silverbell’s foot without her noticing.

Seeing the confirmation gesture from the kicked elder, Maron laughed as he walked up, clapping, “Hahaha! One could expect nothing less from you, Lady Silverbell. Our elders are really pushovers in comparison.”

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