The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 659

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 659-The technique in question was the Needles of Nine Animus.

Frank projected his pure vigor, coiling it around the acupoint needles as translucent threads after disinfecting them.

Then, taking aim at Quinn’s acupoint, he focused all his attention to the epidermis as he slowly pressed one needle into her belly.

“Ahhh.” Quinn moaned in a way that would send imaginations running wild.

“Hold on,” Frank told her, breaking a rare drop of sweat over his brow.

He had never used this acupuncture technique before, since he had only read about it in a book from Mystic Sky Sect’s forbidden section.

This acupuncture technique accelerated regeneration, regardless of how severe the injury could be. While that was as unbelievable as it was illogical, it was not a technique that healed all injuries and maladies. Instead, it was a radical technique to be used in extreme circumstances because it burned through the person’s potential and vigor limit in exchange for quickened regeneration.

It was undoubtedly a double-edged sword for all intents and purposes.

“Ooof.” Quinn gasped in pain again as Frank inserted the second needle.

At the same time, the pure vigor Frank coiled around the needle would rotate it rapidly, charging the limits of Quinn’s physical potential.

As such, a patient needed great endurance to survive the bone-piercing agon of the Needles of Nine Animus while it was being applied. Even men who had been conditioned by years of physical training were known to start struggling before long.

In fact, Frank was ready to subdue Quinn, but she turned out far tougher than he gave her credit for— she braced against both needles, her body twitching but not struggling.

Frank certainly had to change his opinion of her just then.

“Just hold on!”

Frank inserted the third needle, and Quinn finally cried out. Her fingers began to spasm, while all her bones cracked audibly.

Then came the fourth. the fifth. and the ninth needle!

As Frank inserted the last needle, Quinn seemed to be overwhelmed by the agony, falling unconscious even as her fingers sank into the sheets.

At the same time, a miracle was happening: all her bloodied wounds were visibly closing, and even her snapped ribs and broken leg were fixing themselves accordingly.

As her whole body convulsed, her tendons, meridians, and meridian nexus were all instantly restored to peak form.

“Phew… And, up!”

Frank flicked his fingers, and the nine needles shot out, pulled by his pure vigor and dropping loudly on the floor.

Quinn opened her eyes right then.

“What? I.” She stretched out her arms and saw that her palms were fair and flushed, a far cry from her shriveled appearance before!

Frank had long since turned away and said quietly, “Nothing to be surprised about. That acupuncture technique accelerates your healing, but it also burns your potential. You wanted to avenge your father? I’m giving you a chance.”

Quinn froze in her bed for a long while before dropping to her knees loudly at Frank’s feet.

“Thank you so much, Mr. Lawrence. Thank you.” Her voice was choking with gratitude and regret.

“I just don’t want you slowing me down,” Frank replied. “Now let’s get you some clothes. We have an appointment at Sage Lake Sect.”

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