The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 656

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 656-The woman was Quinn Ocean.

Still, Frank was confused even as he felt relieved—he clearly remembered letting Quinn and her father Bocek go.

Even without her vigor and meridian nexus, she still had her martial arts.

So what could have left her half-dead? Sage Lake Sect?

Frank kept making theories, but blind guessing proved pointless.

Instead, he turned toward the busy healers around Quinn, frowning as he urged, “Make way. Leave her to me.”

Janet walked up and asked, “Do you know her, Frank?”

“Yeah,” Frank directed his vigor into his fingers, tapping Quinn’s various acupoints rapidly without stopping.

Soon, she coughed out a mouthful of clotted blood.

“Needle!” Frank snapped, holding out a hand to Janet.

“Oh… Okay!” Janet promptly ran to get a box of disinfected needles.


Frank grabbed a handful and spread them like petals over Quinn’s acupoints before taking out an Ichor Pill and feeding it to her.

As the Ichor Pill took effect, color returned to Quinn’s cheeks, her eyelashes twitching just before she opened her eyes.

It took her several seconds to come to her senses. “Frank.”

“Don’t move. I’ve only treated your internal injuries, not your external ones,”

Frank said, frowning.

“Mmmph.” Quinn groaned as she lay on the surgical table, her gaze troubled and miserable.

“Tell me, what on earth happened?” Frank asked, while waving at Janet for her to leave.

Janet was hesitant but did as she was told.

Quinn waited until Janet was gone before biting her lip as her tears rolled, hatred flashing in her eyes along with misery now.

“It was the Salazars,” she rasped after a brief silence. “Donald Salazar completely lost his mind. He killed my father and tried to kill me, saying he’d blame it on you so that Sage Lake Sect would come after you in full force.”

Frank, however, frowned in suspicion. “How did you make it out alive?”

“Me?” Quinn chuckled bitterly. “The Salazars chased me up a cliff, and I had no choice but to jump into the river. I only survived by chance, and I’ve been running from the Salazars since. I’ve come to you, knowing that the Salazars would be waiting for me along the path to Sage Lake Sect. I want you to tell the chief the truth, so that he would wipe out the Salazars and avenge my father!”

Seeing the blazing hate burning in Quinn’s eyes, Frank knew for sure that she was not lying.

Still, he shook his head after some thought. “Even if what you told me was true, there’s something you have to know—the Salazers succeeded. Sage Lake Sect came for me this afternoon, kidnapping me and forcing me to go to Southdam tomorrow.”

Quinn’s eyes widened at his words, her expression becoming agitated.

“No, absolutely not…” She wheezed, coughing blood as she leveled him a pleading gaze. “M-Mr. Lawrence… I’ll come with you to Sage Lake Sect tomorrow. and expose Donald Salazar’s true nature to our chief, Dahok Ocean!”

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